‘QUEENDOM’ EP. 2 Recap

How we feelin’ after this episode, queens? We’re still trying to recover from today’s performances, to be honest.

This episode seemed a bit more packed with action since four of the remaining groups all had their performances.

Towards the beginning of the episode we got to see Soyeon coming up with their concept for this stage. She proposed a creepy, witchy vibe, which turned out to fit the girls better than we could have imagined. You can see how the girls prepared in this video.

Soyeon also said she and the girls practiced every day (they even cut short a recent V Live because they had to go back to practicing) and that she was sure they would do great.

You can see their absolutely breathtaking, goosebumps-inducing performance right here.

Excuse our bias for showing, but hot damn! Unbelievable performance, the girls are absolutely captivating and Captain Soyeon is a genius for coming up with this “LATATA” remix. She is the leader we need, but don’t deserve.

If you’re wondering what Minnie was so ominously narrating at the beginning, we got you covered. She was saying how someone is going to fall in love with her tonight, drunk on the danger of it all, but she warns that this is indeed a dangerous love and there is no getting away from her. (Is it weird to say “Count us in”?)

That was a tough act to follow, but Oh My Girl put on their big girl shoes and did their fans proud with their performance of “Secret Garden“.

Next up were the lovely Lovelyz (oh shut up, we had to) with “Ah-Choo“. The girls wanted to turn this song into something more powerful and fiercer for this performance, which they did, but at the expense of poor Yein who fell during their rehearsal and bruised her knee.

AOA, the last performance of the night, joked about practicing for this as hard as they did back in their trainee days because so much time has passed since their last performance. We love self-aware queens. Jimin added that she was very nervous since this was the first time they performed as a five-member group. We think they absolutely killed their “Miniskirt” performance, but you can see for yourself.

After the performances each group (just count Park Bom in as a group, her personality is big enough for three people), had to choose one performance to vote up and one to vote down. The MCs didn’t even read all the votes up and they let Mamamoo not say who they voted down. Some Twitter users already voiced their displeasure with this system, and we have to say we agree with them. Mnet, why are you trying to start fan-wars?

At the end of the episode this is how the girls ranked:

  1. (G)I-DLE
  2. Mamamoo
  3. Oh My Girl
  4. AOA
  5. Park Bom
  6. Lovelyz

You can see the reactions of all the girls when (G)I-DLE secured first place here.

On next week’s episode the girls will be covering other group’s songs. They had to choose with whom they wanted to switch songs. (G)I-DLE chose Park Bom, Mamamoo picked AOA, which left Lovelyz and Oh My Girl. It will be so interesting to see how the girls manage to adapt to other styles… or completely change the songs and make them their own. In any case, we can’t wait for next Thursday!

Whose performance was your favorite so far? Let us know down below!

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