Momo’s B-Day VLive: Trainee Days, Cooking & YouTube Series

Update (Nov. 10):

Half an hour past midnight, Momo posted on Twicetagram and left a sweet thank-you message for ONCE:

It’s past midnight but…today (yesterday hahah)
Thank you making me happy on my birthday ♡♡
It was really fun and I was so happy ♡
ONCE, I saw all the things you did [for my birthday]

Original article (Nov. 9):

November 9 marks a very special day in all ONCEs’ calendars! On this day, exactly twenty three years ago, TWICE‘s main dancer and chef – Momo – was born in Kyoto, Japan.

At 9 pm KST, Momo started her VLive broadcast titled “Mo’s Birthday” in which she demonstrated her cooking skills.

Momo has recently shared photos of some dishes she made on TWICE’s Instagram Story, and her sister Hana also uploaded two photos of Momo cooking for them during her last holiday.

With this in mind, no wonder that all ONCEs were excited for today’s VLive! After greeting everyone, Momo started making a strawberry cake all by herself while occasionally checking the comment section of the app and answering fans’ questions.

As usual, many fans organized various birthday events for Momo both in Korea and abroad, and she used this opportunity to thank them at the beginning of the broadcast. She said that she was really touched when she saw the congratulatory messages and photos the fans used to decorate some of the bus stops near JYPE headquarters. Meanwhile, her sister Hana visited a café in Japan that was specifically decorated for the occasion and shared photos of it on her Instagram account.

Swipe right below to see all the photos Hana uploaded.

View this post on Instagram

생추 ‼︎ 내 동생 🐷♡

A post shared by 𝕙 𝕒 𝕟 𝕒 (@banghana) on

Momo also showed us some photos from last night’s dinner she had with Nayeon, Tzuyu and Jeongyeon, but she did not reveal if the group gathered later on to celebrate her birthday at the dorm as well (like they did for Jeongyeon’s birthday not long ago).

Meanwhile, Jihyo shared a set of selfies of the duo on Twicetagram not long after midnight, along with a sweet message for the birthday girl:

My friend Momo~~~
Happy birthday! 💜🌈🌈🦋🌈❤️💚
I like Momo without the bangs the most 🧚🏻‍♀️❤️
Please, dye your hair blonde next year 💋🍑🍑🍑🍑
🥴🥴🥴Happy birthday🥴🥴🥴🥴

We agree with Jihyo; blonde Momo (“Like OHH-AAH” era anyone?) would indeed be a sight to behold!

Although the leader was the only one to post on TWICE’s Instagram, all members already made Momo feel special during their second concert in Osaka on November 7. Momo’s fellow eight members (Mina was performing as well) started singing “Happy Birthday” to the main dancer and later teased her endlessly while she was delivering her ending speech and thanking the fans. Some ONCE in the audience captured the moment:

Day 2 of “TWICELIGHTS in Osaka” was even more important to Momo because her childhood friends and her old dance teacher attended the concert to show their support. You can read more about that in this article.

While she was preparing the cake, Momo mentioned another special thing that some Korean ONCEs did recently – they named a star in the Libra constellation after the group.

Momo told us that she found out about this after Dahyun shared the information in TWICE’s group chat.

Source: Twitter (@PLANET_OF_TWICE)

Next up, Momo talked about her first impressions of her fellow members…

When talking about Tzuyu, she said that there was already some talk about a really pretty trainee coming in before Tzuyu joined the trainee center in Seoul, but Momo was still really impressed when she first saw the maknae.

Momo added that she remembers Nayeon as a really pretty Korean trainee, especially as she met her around the time when Nayeon appeared in the Korean teen drama Dream High 2 back in 2012. When she reminisced about Chaeyoung, Momo gushed about how cute she was back in the day (isn’t she still, though?).

She also briefly mentioned that she met Mina during a particularly difficult dance lesson right after Mina joined the company and that she remembers how much Mina struggled to catch up in the beginning. Momo and Sana joined the company on the same day in 2012, and Momo revealed that they first met when they were signing their contracts:

I felt that we were very similar. It was kind of awkward but not awkward at the same time.

Next up, Momo showed us some of their old dance practice videos. First there was a video of Sana, then Tzuyu and, finally, the J-line members all together. After one more video featuring Jeongyeon, Momo put her phone down and continued making the cake. She also decorated it and drew Sulley and Boo from Monsters, Inc. on top. It seems that Momo loves this animated film, given that she wore a Boo costume during TWICE’s fourth anniversary fan meeting “ONCE Halloween 2” three weeks ago.

A few minutes later, Nayeon and Tzuyu surprised Momo by bringing in a peach cake. The duo lit up the candles and sang “Happy Birthday” to the birthday girl before digging into the cake they brought as well as the one Momo made.

Afterwards, Nayeon talked about their trainee days some more and complimented Momo a lot; saying that her skills were amazing and that she was always so energetic, making their dance practices more enjoyable for Nayeon as well.

A fan then asked the trio to give some spoilers about their next comeback (planned for December), but they said that there was still nothing to reveal. ONCE, do you believe them?

The girls then revealed why they don’t hold VLives at their dorm anymore. Nayeon said that many people found out the location of their previous dorm and would hang around the area a lot, especially during their VLive sessions, which really bothered their neighbors. Nayeon also mentioned something about foreign fans trying to find their current dorm (is it about the recent case that got the fans concerned on social media?) and, hopefully, JYPE will take measures to protect the girls. We truly hope that the fans refrain from visiting the girls’ dorm and respect their privacy.

The trio then mentioned their upcoming YouTube Originals series which will be released some time next year. They pointed out that the interviews they did were more serious than expected, so the series should really show a different side of the group.

Lastly, Momo thanked Nayeon and Tzuyu for joining her, thus ending the broadcast after more than two and a half hours.

Happy birthday, Momo! 🎂 🍰 💝

So, ONCE, what was your highlight moment from Momo’s b-day VLive? Comment down below!

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