Monsta X Appear On Music Bank As A Six-Member Group

Today, November 1, Monsta X had their first music show appearance as a six member group. Just one day after news of Wonho leaving the group broke, the rest of the members had to appear on Music Bank as part of their comeback promotions.

Just like yesterday on M Countdown, the boys didn’t perform live, their pre-recorded performances were shown on air.

Monbebes are extremely angry that Starship Entertainment made the rest of the members continue with promotions as if nothing happened and are urging the agency to postpone or cancel the comeback promotions in order to focus on helping the group heal.

After yesterday’s announcement that Wonho has decided to leave the group, he has had at least one hashtag trending on top 20 worldwide at all times, millions of tweets pleading with both him and Starship to reconsider their (in many stans’ opinion rash) decision have flooded Twitter, there is a petition for him to stay in Monsta X circulating the web, but it seems that the decision is final. Earlier today Starship released another announcement stating that they have terminated Wonho’s contract.

No matter what Wonho may or may not have done in his teenage years, we sincerely hope that he is not too hard on himself now and that he is taking care of himself.

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