MONSTA X Comeback Countdown

D-1 (October 27)

If the comeback wasn’t scheduled for tomorrow, we don’t know what we would do because the album preview Monsta X blessed us with today is just too good!

Judging by the preview, we are getting a healthy mix of upbeat bops and gentle ballads tomorrow, and the boys sound just as good as always.

We don’t know if we are more excited for the album or that gorgeous “FOLLOW” music video to drop!

D-3 (October 25)

We think it’s safe to say that this “FOLLOW” MV teaser is just what we needed after the heartbreak Monsta X caused us on Tuesday with “FIND YOU”.

We really can’t keep up with Wonho’s hair colors anymore – one minute his hair is blonde, then it’s black, and now it’s fiery orange. Good thing all those hairstyle suit him.

Even though the song sounds a million times more upbeat that “FIND YOU”, we still have Hyungwon set apart from the rest of the boys (0:13–0:16), so maybe we’ll get some more clues as to what happened in the previous MV.

The song sounds like a banger and the choreography seems like it will do it justice, so we really can’t express enough how excited we are for Monday!

Don’t forget, we’re getting the album preview this Sunday at 10 pm KST. See you then!

D-7 (October 21)

Time flies when you are having a good time, and, unfortunately, today is already the last day of Monsta X’s concept photos. The photos from the first day were very artistic, on the second day the boys showed us some very bold fashion choices, and yesterday we were attacked by so many barely buttoned up shirts. Today’s concept seems to be a very soft one and we are loving it.

As if Shownu and I.M in big, cozy sweaters wasn’t soft enough, they decided to add some bubbles to the photo to make us melt completely.

Yesterday Wonho’s unbuttoned shirt made him look like a real heartthrob, and today he is serving us some prime baby chick visuals. Kihyun and Hyungwon are also looking ready for a snuggle session, while yesterday they looked fierce AF. Their duality is giving us whiplash.

Minhyuk’s green sweater is totally making him look like a flower and Joohoney’s hair looks more and more like blue cotton candy with every new concept photo.

OT7 stans, how are we feeling? Excuse us for being mushy, but you can’t tell us the members don’t look like a litter of kittens in this photo. We love sexy, fierce Monsta X as much as the next Monbebe, but this might be our favorite photo so far.

We can’t wait for the MV to drop tomorrow!

D-8 (October 20)

Day 3 of Monsta X’s concept photos brought even more surprises! Just like the past two days, the first photos were of Shownu and I.M.

The pair is seen posing in a bathtub, looking sultry in those beautiful blue hued pictures. Once again, they did not disappoint.

Next were Wonho, Kihyun, and Hyungwon that continued with the same bathtub concept.

As expected, they didn’t miss the chance to showcase Wonho’s body, so he’s wearing an unbuttoned velvety shirt that suits him just right. Kihyun and Hyungwon also stepped up their game in velvet pieces that match the aesthetic so well, don’t you think?

Following their teaser release pattern, they saved Joohoney and Minhyuk for the last individual teasers.

The contrasting hair duo is glowing in all the photos and today is no different. The velvet outfits, paired with beautiful accessories and the color scheme of the pictures really brought out the sexiness of the whole concept, and Joohoney and Minhyuk look absolutely stunning.

Monsta X are going all out with these teasers, each one so similar and yet so different… We’re not sure how much more can Monbebes take in the eight days that are left until the comeback.

I guess all we can do is wait and anticipate new levels of visual excellence from Monsta X!

D-9 (October 19)

Day two of Monsta X’s concept photos brought us some very… interesting photos.

Just like yesterday, the first photos were of Shownu and I.M.

The leader and the maknae look just as dreamy as yesterday, but the thing that caught our (and probably everyone else’s) eye is the stunning sheer lace shirt that I.M is wearing. Excuse us for being at a loss for words, but this photo is worth a thousand words.

Continuing with the purple theme, we have Wonho, Kihyun and Hyungwon. We are not exactly sure what the stylists were going for with Wonho’s outfit, but he’s totally serving us some Mexican telenovela heartthrob realness. Not that we’re complaining.

It would be an understatement to say that Minhyuk is glowing in his photo, and Joohoney is giving us futuristic vibes with that bright blue hair and the funky chair he is sitting on.

The prints, the colors, the visual perfection… Even if they shot this in some other, less desolate location, we have no doubt that no one would notice anything beside them on these photos.

We’re not ready for day three.

D-10 (October 18)

After Monsta X shared the tracklist for their upcoming mini album FOLLOW – FIND YOU as well as the dark, movie-like teaser for the “FIND YOU” MV, today, October 18, we got the Follow Photo #1.

The first group of photos brought us the leader Shownu and the maknae I.M absolutely glowing. We might be biased, but dark-haired Shownu is definitely our favorite Shownu, and who would think that anyone could look good in a purple (suede?) blazer and a snake-print shirt, but I.M is proof that there are people stunning enough to pull it off.

Then we have Wonho and Hyungwon staring straight into our souls, with Kihyun staring off into the distance. We love how the photographer played with lights and shadows in these photos, especially the Hyungwon one. The three of them look incredibly dreamy.

Finally, Minhyuk and Johooney brought us a pop of color with their amazing hairstyles. We love that the pink-haired Minhyuk is standing in front of a blue backdrop, and the blue-haired Johooney is in front of dark red backdrop. Whoever was in charge of these photos really knew what they were doing.

Love the eclectic prints all of them are sporting!

What do you think the boys have in store for us tomorrow?

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