Monsta X Release Album And “FOLLOW” MV

The day has finally come! Precisely a month after Monsta X announced their comeback, they released their FOLLOW: FIND YOU album and the MV for the title track “FOLLOW”.

K-pop has a new official club banger! The song hits extremely hard, and the choreography is no joke. As always, the boys’ stylist deserves a round of applause and a big thank you from all Monbebe.

Watches have already been a symbol in some of Monsta X’s MV, most recently their “FIND YOU” MV, and now we saw the boys dancing on something that resembles a huge clock. Coincidence? Nobody thinks so. When are we going to get some answers?

We are beyond excited that Monsta X are back! Can you imagine them performing this ultimate bop on music shows? Nobody is ready for that.

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