MONSTA X Release “Find You” MV

Monbebe, the day is finally here! The MV for “Find You” has just been released.

Why is Hyungwon in a car crash again? Did they have to hurt us like this? The boys once again proved they are not only amazing singers but also incredible actors – the pain and loss on Hyungwon’s face was heart-wrenching, and the rest of the members perfectly played the roles of desperate friends trying to find their missing friend.

We won’t get into all the references in this MV because we’re sure we’d miss something, but it seems that everything is starting to make sense now – “Dramarama”, “Destroyer” and “Shoot Out”. Is it just us or are time-traveling narratives headache-inducing?

Also, what does “Was all of this our destiny right from the start?” and “If it is our destiny, will we be able to meet again?” mean?

We hope will get some answers soon, but until then, we’re going to enjoy this beautiful song and the movie-like MV.

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