More Details On TWICE’s Title Song

JYPE Division 3 has been feeding us with new bits of information about the upcoming comeback and the title track every day.

Previously, they revealed that “Feel Special” was written by JYP himself and conveys the feeling of having someone whose warm words will give you hope and lift your spirit when you’re desperate.

Today, JYPE revealed that Park Jinyoung wrote the song after having conversations with all TWICE members.

The final message of the song, according to JYP, is that “we can all become someone special for our own reasons”. The song is likely to contain each member’s personal experiences, so the expectation that TWICE is shifting towards a more mature concept has never been more realistic.

It was also revealed that the music video will retell the story of nine lonely members who come together to form a group that holds a special meaning to them. It all points to the MV having a more prominent storyline and we are excited to see how all the video teasers connect in the video.

Stay tuned for more news!

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