NCT 127, Mamamoo, Monsta X, And More At The Korean Popular Culture And Arts Awards

Last Wednesday, the 10th annual Korean Popular Culture and Arts Awards were held at the Olympic Hall in Seoul, and today, November 3, we got to see the whole ceremony broadcast on MBC Music.

There were four categories of the awards: Order of Cultural Merit, Presidential Commendation, Prime Minister’s Commendation, and Minister of Culture, Sports and Tourism Commendation.

Eungwan Order of Cultural Merit (2nd Class) was awarded to singer Yang Hee Eun and actress Kim Hyeja.

Guitarist Kim Hongtak, scriptwriter Kim Woonkyung, and concert director Lee Taehyun got the Bogwan Order of Cultural Merit (3rd Class).

The Presidential Commendation was awarded to actress Yum Jungah, radio DJ Bae Chulsoo, band Spring Summer Autumn Winter, choreographer Seo Byunggoo, voice actor Kim Kihyun and director Hong Kyungpyo, while the Prime Minister’s Commendation went to singer Kim Wansun, actor Kim Namgil, actress Kim Seohyung, actress Han Jimin, comedian Song Eunyi, voice actor Lee Junggoo, musician Ham Chunho, and drama director Jo Hyuntak.

Finally, the Minister of Culture, Sports, and Tourism Commendation was awarded to idol groups MAMAMOOMONSTA X, and NCT 127, as well as singer Song Gain, actor Ryu Junyeol, actress Honey Lee, actor Jung Haein, actor Jin Seonkyu, and famous choreographer Lia Kim.

After the recipients of the Minister of Culture, Sports and Tourism Commendation were given their awards, they took to stage one by one to deliver a short acceptance speech.

Mamamoo opened their speech with their trademark greeting, after which Solar expressed their gratitude for being given this award. To remind you, a day after this ceremony, Mamamoo won Mnet’s competition show Queendom, and two days ago they announced a comeback with their second full album on November 14. Busy girls!

Check out how stunning they looked at the ceremony.

Monsta X’s leader Shownu said they felt honored, not only by receiving the awards, by also by being in the company of such exceptional people. He thanked Monbebe from all over the world for allowing them to shine, and expressed love for his fellow members.

NCT 127’s Doyoung and Jaehyun accepted the award on behalf of the group. Doyoung opened their speech by thanking Lee Sooman and NCTzens for making it possible for them to win this award. He touched upon the fact that idols used to be looked down on just for being idols, but now they are able to win prestigious awards like this one, and he believes it is all thanks to K-pop enthusiasts all around the world.

You can watch their full thank-you speech in the video below. Jaehyun even delighted international fans by saying a few words in English!

After the award show ended, Doyoung posted on Twitter:

NCT 127 received an award from the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism. Jaehyun and I went to accept it as representatives.

Thank you to Czennies for being by our side and thank you so much to all the fans who like K-pop.
We will continue to be the NCT 127 who are a great help to the development of popular culture.
Ugh. I was so nervous @.@

And Jaehyun shared a couple of selfies on Instagram with the caption:

Commendation from the Minister of Culture, Sports and Tourism at the Popular Culture and Arts Awards!! Czennie, thank you~
Thank you NCTzens!!

Congratulations to all these amazing people!

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