NCT 127 Perform At Poptopia & Hang Out With Lizzo

On December 5 PST, NCT 127 performed at “POPTOPIA 2019” in San Jose, California, and impressed the West Coast audience with their sharp choreography, powerful vocals, and gorgeous visuals.

The group closed the event with performances of “Highway to Heaven”, “Cherry Bomb”, “Regular”, and “Superhuman”, taking the stage after pop stars like Louis Tomlinson, Halsey, Bazzi, and Lizzo (to name a few).

Afterwards, the boys shared the photos they took with Bazzi and Lizzo backstage…

…and the “100% that bitch” herself retweeted with the caption “Dayummmm” and a heart emoji โ€“ which sums up NCT 127 pretty well, don’t you think?

Also, this happened:

NCT 127 are charming fellow pop stars around the globe, as they should!

Their U.S. performances continue in two days at the B96 Jingle Bash in Rosemont. You can check out their upcoming schedule here.

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