[NCT] Doyoung Covers Taeyeon + Shares Warm Message To Fans

On Christmas Eve, Doyoung gave NCTzens the gift of his vocals by releasing his cover of Taeyeon’s 2017 winter hit “This Christmas”.

He also wrote a heartfelt letter to fans in the description box of the YouTube video. Here is what Doyoung has on his mind as 2019 is coming to an end:

It’s Doyoung.
The Christmas of 2019 has already come.
As Christmas ends and the new year nears, I am anticipating 2020.

Ever since I was young, I always wanted people to be happy in a world where we can live well, but actually I realized this year that things do not always turn out like that.

Still, a new year is good, a new start is good, and the new year is the start of something new, so it feels like I can have a fresh start with a new heart. I think that’s what it’s like. Let’s not forget the things that happened in the past and cherish them, but let’s also hope that we be happier and have a better year in 2020 together.

Czennies, fighting. Us too, fighting. Everyone, fighting.

P.S. Don’t get cold.

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