NCT DREAM And X1 To Perform At KMF In Japan + MCs Jeno & Jaemin

The 12th Korean Music Festival in Japan will be held in Sapporo (on September 16) and Tokyo (September 22 and 23) this year!

The KMF is a traditional K-pop festival held annually in order to introduce Japanese K-pop fans to the current hottest groups. This year’s theme will be “LOVE KMF!”, sponsored by the NGO called Good Friends Save the Children (GFSC).

This meaningful festival will be attended by X1 on all three dates, as well as:

  • Kim Jaehwan, Jeong Sewoon, NATURE at Zepp concert hall on September 16;
  • NCT DREAM and NATURE at Toyosu PIT on September 22;
  • Jeong Sewoon at Toyosu PIT on September 23.

Moreover, NCTzens will be happy to hear that our dear Jeno and Jaemin have been chosen as the MCs for the second concert! The boys showed their determination in a short video posted on Japan-Korea Cultural Association’s official Twitter today:

22/9 12th #KMF2019 Special MC🌱 NCT DREAM💚Revealing a wonderful 🎥 of Jeno & Jaemin❣
“We’ll work hard to make everyone happy and so that we can enjoy this together!” A good duo who will be Special MCs for the second time, after the winter festival K-POP FES in Sapporo👬
Everyone!Please, support them~👏

Are you excited for MCs NoMin like we are? Who are you looking forward to see perform the most? Let us know in the comments😊

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