NCT DREAM Bring The Laughs On ‘We K-Pop’

On August 16, KBS World aired the sixth episode of We K-Pop, with special guests NCT DREAM. Hosts Kim Shinyoung, 2PM’s Nickhun, and SF9’s Inseong created a relaxed atmosphere for the boys, who got to play around with each other and the lucky fans in the audience.

Unsurprisingly, Dreamies wasted no time to expose each other. Among many other things, we found out that Jeno has a shorter temper than it seems, saw Jisung being the master of showing-off, and learned about Jaemin’s funny habit of saying “So what!?” to cut people off. Renjun also shared how annoyed the members get with their maknae sometimes. As expected from our Jisung🤣

NCTzens from all over the world sent in their requests, which the boys readily fulfilled. Each of them sang and danced to what they consider the “killer part” of their most recent title track “BOOM” and later imitated each other perfectly, proving once again how close they are as a group. The highlight part for international Czenies was the vocal line – including Jisung, per the members’ and the fans’ request – singing songs in English. Haechan chose “A Whole New World”, Chenle made us all remember his childhood days with “You Raise Me Up”, Renjun did an angelic rendition of “For The First Time In Forever” from Frozen, and Jisung sang a few lines of Justin Bieber’s “Love Yourself”, impressing everyone in the studio with his unique vocal tone.

NCT DREAM then played a game called “PMI [Please More Information] Dance“, which involved them dancing to some of their hit songs, but being asked to freeze at certain times to answer random questions. The person who does not know the answer or otherwise messes up somehow gets an X, and the two members with most Xs in the end have to do a penalty. Not to spoil the final results for you, we’ll only reveal that the boys danced to “Chewing Gum”, “We Young”, “My First And Last”, “Dunk Shot”, “1,2,3”, and “Boom”.

This episode also featured cool performances of “STRONGER” and “Fireflies”.

Finally, fans got a scene that no one could have expected: Dreamies doing a sexy dance to Camila Cabello’s “Havana”, and it was…interesting?

We highly recommend that you watch We K-Pop Ep. 6 to relax, laugh, and generally enjoy NCT DREAM’s friendship and other shenanigans😄 Full episode with English subtitles is available below!
Don’t forget to also check out episode 5 with NCT DREAM.

What was your favorite moment from this episode? Let us know in the comments.

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