NCT DREAM Dominate Korean Wave Concert In Jakarta

On September 10, NCT DREAM performed at the Korean Wave 2019 Concert, broadcast on Indonesia’s Trans TV. The boys were welcomed to Jakarta like the superstars they are – just take a look at the crowd that came to see them at the airport!

The NCTzens in the audience went crazy when it was time for the Dreamies’ stage. The boys first performed their iconic song “My First and Last”. Check out these clips for a taste of the atmosphere in Jakarta tonight:

NCT DREAM also performed the OT7 anthem “We Go Up” before going backstage for a short break, leaving the fans in the venue hungry for more.

After a sequence of performances by Indonesian artists, Dreamies returned on stage to bring up the energy once again with “Stronger”. Their influence is so great that Via Vallen, an Indonesian dangdut singer, called the audience “NCTzens” during her own performance! Renjun, Jeno, Haechan, Jaemin, Chenle, and Jisung then greeted the audience for the first time. And Indonesian Czenies’ fanchants were on another level! Take a look at how it went below.

Finally, it was time for the performance everybody had been waiting for: “Boom” was NCT DREAM’s last song of the night! Listen to the fans singing along extra loud in the clip below. Dreamies must have been so proud🥰

NCT DREAM definitely stole the show at the Korean Wave Concert in Jakarta. If this doesn’t prove that they absolutely deserve their own concert and tour, what will?

How did you guys like tonight’s performances? Make sure to watch NCT DREAM’s cute VLive from their hotel room right after the concert as well!

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