NCT DREAM Guest On MBC Idol Radio: Talk New Album And More

On August 12, NCT DREAM’s Jeno, Jaemin, Chenle, and Jisung appeared on episode 314 of MBC’s Idol Radio, hosted by BtoB’s Jung Ilhoon, to talk about the new We Boom mini album, their friendship, and more.

Early on in the show, Ilhoon surprised Jaemin with a cake and a present in honor of his 20th birthday tomorrow. The boys got very excited and the next thing they knew, the chocolate cake ended up on the floor. In spite of this mishap, Jaemin was happy about the surprise and the fact that he got his favorite sweets as a gift.

NCT DREAM went on to talk about each song on their recent We Boom mini album; starting from the title track “BOOM” and the B-side “STRONGER” that they also performed on music shows. Jisung revealed that he initially wanted “STRONGER” to be their title track!

Then they introduced “119”, which includes lyrics written by Jeno and Jaemin themselves. Ilhoon asked the boys which part of the song they wrote and Jaemin answered that it was the rap verse on the bridge part (from 2:47 to 3:06). Jeno also participated in songwriting for the final track of the album: “Dream Run”. He said that he likes to focus on what’s in his heart when writing lyrics, and he tries hard to express it nicely to fit the song.

The boys also talked about how “Bye My First” is connected to their previous title track “My First And Last” (from The First album), the latter dealing with the start of a first love and the former with the breakup at the end of this first relationship.

Finally, DJ Ilhoon took the opportunity to say that “Best Friend” was his favorite song on the album, as he especially enjoyed the lyrics about Dreamies’ friendship. Jeno talked about their seven-year friendship from trainee days, and Jisung and Chenle mentioned that the two of them had met years before entering SM Entertainment – Jisung even taught Chenle Korean – but they didn’t realize this until fans pointed it out to them after stumbling on some old pictures on social media.

Afterwards, NCT DREAM danced to a short medley of their hit songs “Chewing Gum”, “My First And Last”, “We Young”, “Go”, “We Go Up”, and “Stronger”, impressing Ilhoon with their energetic performance.

Dreamies also showed off their cuteness – dancing cutely to NCT’s songs and performing the “Gwiyomiand “Naekkohaesongs (yes, there was a lot of cringing) – ate delicious jokbal, and acted out a few K-drama scenarios.

In the end, the boys did their ments as if closing a late-night radio show, recommending goodnight songs to their listeners. Jeno suggested Taeyeon’s “All About You”, Chenle (being the NCT fanboy we know he is) recommended “Boss” by NCT U, and Jaemin‘s pick was Shin Youngjae’s lovely ballad “Lean On”.

For more details, check out the full episode of Idol Radio with NCT DREAM here!

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