NCT DREAM Perform At Pohang K-Pop Concert + MC Chenle Debut

On September 3, SBS MTV’s The Show episode filmed at Pohang K-Pop Concert (on September 1) was aired. It was a night of many firsts, as X1 got their first win and NCT DREAM’s Jeno – who is The Show‘s regular host – was joined by first-time MCs: his fellow member Chenle, ASTRO’s Sanha and Song Yuvin!

Just look at the P4 (“Pohang Four”) boys being very cool and charismatic here:

Although their music show promotions had officially ended, NCT DREAM still made an appearance at the concert. They performed “Stronger” and “Boom”, along with loud screams and fanchants from the many NCTzens in the audience. We feel that Renjun’s high note in “Boom” should always be accompanied by fireworks in the background, wouldn’t you agree?🤩 In addition, fans went crazy online because Haechan’s outfit resembled what Jisung was wearing during the “My First And Last” era. Nostalgia hit us hard!

Naturally, we must mention how proud we are of Chenle, who just three years ago couldn’t speak a word of Korean, but tonight he made his debut as an MC at a K-pop concert broadcast to a global audience. And did a great job at that! His and Jeno’s chemistry and overall friendship was palpable on screen. We stan NCT DREAM’s self-dubbed NJ & KH duo (Jeno “No-Jaem” and Chenle “King Head”)😄

If you think about how Chenle always talked about wanting to MC one day, practiced with Jeno’s old scripts, and the fact that Jeno himself recommended him to the PD… Doesn’t seeing him do well tonight bring happy tears to your eyes?

At the end of the Pohang K-Pop Concert, Chenle had a cute ending ment, with the rest of the Dreamies looking at him fondly in the background. You can check it out in the video below (from the 2 min mark)!

Congratulations to Lele on his MCing debut! Czenies, are you proud of him like we are? Comment down below🤗

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Chenle in a beret as mc is a look doe

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