NCT DREAM Perform in Vietnam

Tonight, August 27, NCT DREAM performed at Lotte Duty Free Da Nang Downtown Pre-Opening Concert and blessed Vietnamese NCTzens with a mini concert of their own!

Renjun, Jeno, Haechan, Jaemin, Chenle, and Jisung – looking very handsome in all white suits – started their stage by performing their iconic hit “My First And Last”, after which they greeted the Da Nang audience in Vietnamese, combined with Korean and English (Renjun and Chenle). The crowd was ecstatic!

The next three songs they performed were “GO”, “Stronger”, and “We Go Up” (yes, we could still hear Mark’s voice in the background of the chorus😭). Afterwards, the Dreamies talked to the audience some more, with Jeno saying how much they all love Vietnamese food and the rest of the boys agreeing that they are enjoying Da Nang a lot (just look at them at the beach on the pic below). Obviously, the Vietnamese fans appreciated it, as they screamed extra loud then.

Finally, NCT DREAM performed their latest title track “BOOM”, as powerfully as always. The boys sang/rapped 100% live for each song and sounded amazing! Special shout-out to our main vocals Haechan and Renjun👏👏

The Lotte Concert live stream was available on V LIVE, so they will probably reupload NCT DREAM’s stage a bit later. Make sure to check out Dreamies’ mini concert if you missed it!

Let us know how you liked their performances in the comments😊

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