NCT DREAM Put On The Perfect “DREAM SHOW” In Seoul (Concert Recap & Setlist)

On November 15, NCT DREAM held the first out of three concerts at Seoul’s Jangchung Arena, filled with thousands of screaming Dreamzens as well as their NCT and WayV hyungs: Taeil, Johnny, Yuta, Jaehyun, Doyoung, Kun, and Xiaojun. Jeno’s The Show cohost – CLC‘s Yeeun – was also spotted in the audience tonight.

Chase the dream💚! Fighting for tomorrow as well💪Be careful!

“THE DREAM SHOW” started with the opening VCR featuring the emotional track “Dear Dream”, and the first song of the night was “GO” (Dance Break Version)! Renjun, Haechan, Jeno, Jaemin, Chenle, and Jisung made a dramatic entrance by literally descending to the stage.

After the opening song, the boys went for the kill by performing “Drippin'” and “119” one after another, before moving on to the first ment.

The members introduced themselves individually and welcomed everyone to their first solo concert. Chenle mentioned that he teared up backstage when he heard Czennies singing along to “Dear Dream”, while Jeno said:

We came from the sky during the opening… Are we angels?

And each and every person in the arena agreed, of course.

The next three songs were “1,2,3”, “We Go Up”, and “STRONGER”, followed by another VCR.

The boys returned on stage after changing from their black and white outfits into casual sporty clothes, which made sense since it was time for the adorable “Dunk Shot”, that involved a huge LED basketball court in the background! The Dreamies had a lot of fun during this performance, playing around on stage like the teenagers they are.

The next song was NCT DREAM’s debut track “Chewing Gum”. They came so far since this 2016 bop, but it is still a fan-favorite. After a long time, we got to see that iconic hoverboard performance! After performing “Dream Run” – during which they threw signed balls and frisbees to the lucky fans in the standing section – the group talked to the audience some more. And if you thought Jaemin wouldn’t flirt with NCTzens tonight, you were sadly mistaken.

What did we ride when we came out for “Dunk Shot”, Jaemin?


Czennies’ love?


The members then changed into white button-up shirts and dress pants, and Chenle had a short piano solo before the whole group went on to perform acoustic versions of “Best Friend” and “Walk You Home”.

Dreamies later serenaded the fans with their SM STATION single “Candle Light” in a romantic setting with electric candles lit up all over the stage. Another VCR was up next, during which they showed what the boys would look like and do 50 years from now (which was Renjun’s idea) and it ended with Jaemin saying:

Our promise, even if a long time passes, we can promise to be together, right?

Don’t worry (걱정하지마) about NCT DREAM getting old, though, as the next song was “We Young”! Afterwards, they performed the title track that got them their first music show win: “My First And Last”.

However, Renjun was absent for both of these performances, as he hurt himself just above his eye while changing in a rush during the break. Even so, since he didn’t want to miss the rest of the concert, he put on glasses to hide the injury and came back. What a pro, right!?

All six members then performed “My Page” while walking on stage and using self-cams, and “Bye My First” while sitting down. Then, everything went dark, another VCR was played…

After which the Dreamies put on an impressive dance performance; featuring some members as units (Haechan + Jisung and Jeno + Jaemin + Chenle) and solo (Renjun), with the grand finale being the group dance. It was later revealed that this stage was Jisung’s idea because he wanted to showcase each member’s dancing skills.

NCT DREAM then sang the highly requested “Don’t Need Your Love”, looking very handsome in denim outfits. Haechan, Jisung, Renjun, and Chenle split HRVY’s English parts between themselves, and the entire performance was just perfect. But that was not all. Any international fans in the audience got a special treat tonight, as the boys also performed their English single “Fireflies”!

The next song was “Trigger the Fever”, featuring an explosion of confetti in the end, immediately followed by DREAM’s latest title track “BOOM”, with a special beat drop at the end. Jaemin’s “ice-cream” killing part has never sounded so good, and the same goes for that heavenly bridge… Vocal gods Haechan and Renjun came through!

After that, it seemed that the show was over, but NCTzens wouldn’t let them go that easily, so they started asking for an encore by chanting “N-C-T, N-C-T” and “NCT DREAM” louder and louder – with the other NCT members in the audience (especially Doyoung and Johnny) hyping them up even more.

Dreamies then took the stage again dressed in concert merch to perform “La La Love” before having their closing ment. NCT DREAM’s sweet maknae broke drown crying in the middle of his speech, and Renjun shed some tears too. It was an emotional experience overall and you could tell how much this concert meant to the members. All of them sincerely thanked the fans, and Jisung just managed to say that he would later express his thoughts on Twitter.

Let’s promise to meet again and make more beautiful memories soon.


The last song of the night was “Beautiful Time”, followed by the members’ final goodbyes, deep bows to the audience on all sides of the venue, and one last Yo Dream! chant with the Czennies to wrap up the show. There was also a video projected on the big screen after the members left – filmed, edited and directed by Nana himself.

“THE DREAM SHOW” in Seoul continues this weekend, and the group is also set to tour other major Asian cities in the future (source), starting with the sold-out concerts in Bangkok on December 1 and 2. Stay tuned for more dates and locations to be announced!

How are you feeling after NCT DREAM’s first solo concert?

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Do you think they will come to the US eventually?

is there going to be a fan meeting in Singapore?

hi, yes we are going to concert 🙂 but coming from Perth Western Australia, wanted to make the most out of our stay and was hoping there would be a meet and greet..

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