NCT DREAM Show Why They Are Hot Performers Of The Year At Gaon Chart Music Awards

At the 9th annual Gaon Chart Music Awards that took place on January 8, NCT’s youngest and arguably most successful unit won the Hot Performance of the Year award and performed two songs from their most recent album We Boom: “BOOM” and “STRONGER”.

This award comes just three days after NCT DREAM won the first Bonsang of their career at the Golden Disc Awards.

The Dreamies’ power was noticeable tonight too, as their fans dominated in Seoul’s Jamsil Arena with the loudest screams whenever the boys appeared on screen and one incredible “Yo Dream!” chant led by Jeno at the end of the group’s thank-you speech. Unfortunately, DREAM was incomplete because Haechan is still not in the best condition to attend events or perform, but Renjun, Jeno, Jaemin, Chenle, and Jisung made both their fellow member and the NCT name proud!

Thanks to all your support, we got an amazing award~~
We’ll continue working even harder in the future!!
Thank you~~
Also, we’d like to thank our Haechan who could not stand on stage with us [tonight]. You’ve worked hard!

Prior to the ceremony, the boys took pictures with their company sunbaes: Super Junior’s Leeteuk – the show’s MC – and Taeyeon, who was one of the Artist of the Year award recipients.

NCT DREAM’s stage was the final performance of the night and a perfect example of a Hot Performance of the Year! Following a dramatic introductory video, Jisung kicked it off with a stunning contemporary dance solo, after which Jeno and Jaemin joined him on the main stage to further showcase DREAM’s amazing dancing skills with a more powerful performance, and the three of them taking turns for the center spot. The princes of China Renjun and Chenle came in last with some cool, perfectly synchronized moves before all five members came together for a group dance intro.

Then they performed “STRONGER”, did a short dance break, and finished with “BOOM”, all along accompanied by NCTzens’ loud fanchants that gave us goosebumps. (Stay tuned for the official video.)

It was a night – and a week – to remember! Let’s hope that these members have more opportunities to grow and win awards in the future as a fixed NCT unit.

Congratulations to NCT DREAM and Dreamzens!

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