[NCT DREAM] Special Mini Event And VLive + “Fireflies” MV

On their 3rd debut anniversary, NCT DREAM held a special We Boom album event with the fans! Renjun, Jeno, Haechan, Jaemin, Chenle, and Jisung played games, complimented each other, interacted with NCTzens, talked about their everyday lives, and more.

They showed up looking classy and handsome in black suits, and performed “We Go Up” dressed like that for the first time (!); in addition to dancing to “Stronger” and singing “Dream Run”. The boys also talked about their aspirations, including a full album and NCT Life reality show with all the members together (Haechan), a “Dream Show” solo concert (Jaemin), and to receive an award at a big venue (Renjun) – SM, keep these boys together, please!!😭

A few of the members also made three-syllable poems and said some lovely things during the final ment. Check it out below and try not to cry…

After the event, Dreamies held a short VLive during which they once again thanked the fans and wished them a happy 3rd anniversary (with Haechan adorably expressing his wish for them to be together until the 30th anniversary), did some aegyo, and read out comments. Nana was very cute throughout, which is a complete 180 from what we’ve seen at Inkigayo this afternoon (still recovering BTW).

When the live broadcast ended, at 10 PM, the music video for “Fireflies” (that had been shown at the mini event) was released on YouTube! It’s more of a compilation of some behind-the-scenes footage and the videos that the members took themselves, but we love it anyway!

Let us know your thoughts in the comments😊

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