NCT DREAM To Hold Three Solo Concerts In November + Tour

UPDATE (October 25)

“THE DREAM SHOW” is slowly turning into a world (?) tour!

NCT DREAM just announced that they will be holding two concerts in Bangkok‘s Thunder Dome (capacity: 5,000 people) on December 1 and 2.

More information available here:

UPDATE (October 22)

NCT DREAM have added another date to “THE DREAM SHOW” in Seoul’s Jangchung Arena.

In addition to the concerts on Saturday (November 16 at 6 pm) and Sunday (November 17 at 4 pm), there will be another one on November 15 at 7 pm KST.

This means that approximately 13,500 NCTzens will get to attend Dreamies’ first official solo concert. Instead of a bigger venue, SM Entertainment gave us more concerts… But is it enough?

Tickets go on sale on here on October 25 at 6 pm KST.

UPDATE (October 21)

General ticketing for NCT DREAM TOUR “THE DREAM SHOW” will begin tomorrow, October 22, at 2 pm KST.

The time (Nov. 16 and 17) and place (Jangchung Arena) of NCT DREAM’s Seoul concerts have not been changed.

UPDATE (October 14)

In light of recent events, the general ticketing process for “THE DREAM SHOW”, scheduled to start at 8 pm today, has been postponed until further notice.

UPDATE (October 1)

It has now been confirmed by SM Entertainment that the NCT DREAM TOUR: “THE DREAM SHOW” will take place on November 16 (6 pm KST) and November 17 (4 pm KST) at Seoul’s Jangchung Arena.

Here is the official poster:

The boys look incredibly handsome in those blue suits, they grew up so well!

“The Dream Show” will officially be the group’s first solo concert.
Tickets go on sale via Yes24 at 8 pm on October 14, while fan club preorders start as early as October 8.

However, the question remains: does this tour include more locations around the world or will it be exclusive to Korea? And what about the venue issue?

We’ll just have to wait and find out.

Original article

On September 30, it was reported by Naver that NCT DREAM will be having their solo concert on November 16 and 17 at Seoul’s Jangchung Arena.

This will be the Dreamies’ second solo event since NCT DREAM SHOW that took place at SMTOWN Theatre in the COEX Artium last September. It will be their first concert as six members, i.e. since Mark’s graduation.

However, many fans are unhappy with the choice of venue. Jangchung Arena has a capacity of about 4,500 people, which is considered much to small for NCT’s most successful unit. Moreover, NCT DREAM have proven their popularity time and time again, as their fans filled much larger venues at events that included a variety of other artists!

Will NCTzens (Dreamzens) make enough noise to change SM Entertainment’s mind? Only time will tell…

Stay tuned for updates!

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