NCT DREAM Win On ‘The Show’ 200th Episode

On August 20 at 6 PM, SBS MTV’s The Show broadcast its special 200th episode, hosted by their regular MCs CLC’s Yeeun and NCT DREAM’s Jeno, who were joined today by VICTON’s Byunchan.

Besides comeback stages by NCT DREAM, Weki Meki, CIX, Rocket Punch, A.C.E, GWSN, JBJ95, TRCNG, Norazo, and D1CE (and BUDY’s debut stage), the viewers could also enjoy special performances of “Russian Roulette” (Rocket Punch), “DNA” (D1CE), “A Song For Me” (Golden Child’s Joochan), “Don’t Forget Me” (THE BOYZ’s New), “Who I Am” (JBJ95), and “The One” (CIX).

And this week’s winners were NCT DREAM! They won their second trophy for “BOOM” with 8,020 points, beating Rocket Punch (3,809 points) and Weki Meki (2,424 points) by a landslide. The whole group was, unfortunately, not present for the live show, so Jeno accepted this trophy on his own and afterwards did the encore stage by himself (supported by his fellow MCs Yeeun and Byungchan in the back, which was supercute), with the NCTzens in the audience singing along and celebrating DREAM’s second win for “BOOM” and fifth win overall. Jeno said:

I love you, Czenies! I’ll definitely brag about this award to the members~

The video clip of NCT DREAM winning their first music show trophy for “My First And Last” on The Show‘s 100th episode (Feb. 14, 2017) was also shown during this broadcast, which means they came full circle by winning on the 200th episode as well!

In addition, NCT DREAM’s mini album We Boom surpassed 250,000 sold copies on Hanteo and hit No. 1 on their “Global Ranking” chart, cementing their status as the best-selling NCT unit.

Congratulations to the Dreamies and Czenies for #BOOM2NDWIN!!
Don’t forget to check out all six members’ celebratory “Legend day” VLive.

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