NCT DREAM’s Jeno & CLC’s Yeeun Say Goodbye As ‘The Show’ MCs

The November 26 episode of SBS MTV’s The Show marked the last day of our favorite hosting duo: Jen-show and Yen-show.

Jeno and Yeeun have been fixed The Show MCs since May 22, 2018. Viewers got to enjoy their on-screen chemistry for a year and a half, which makes them the longest standing MCs of The Show! Today, they hosted for the final time, looking pretty in pink – just like they did on their very first day as well as one-year anniversary.

It is well known that this gig meant a lot to the NCT DREAM member, as Jeno stated that he got more comfortable with public speaking thanks to this hosting position, and he has even been saving all his cue cards since the beginning.

In addition, Jeno was there when CLC got the first music show win of their career, on February 12 of this year…

…and just a few months ago, Yeeun stayed by Jeno’s side throughout his encore stage, as he accepted the second trophy for “BOOM” without the rest of NCT DREAM present.

This friendship is so precious to both NCTzens and Cheshires, and we will definitely miss seeing the pair on our screens almost every week. Thank you for all the cute (and cheesy) moments, Jeno and Yeeun, you’ve worked hard!

You can check out the video The Show producers prepared and Yeeun and Jeno’s final speeches below.

For more about this week’s winners, click here.

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