[NCT] Jaemin Holds Birthday VLive

Na Jaemin has just finished his surprise birthday VLive!

He sang “Happy Birthday”, talked about turning 20, and the birthday gifts and wishes he had received, as well as responding to a bunch of fans’ comments and questions!

Nana was wearing a yellow shirt (calling this his “baby chick concept”), tasting bits of his pink birthday cake (courtesy of SMTOWN) which included his favorite sweets – macarons – and golden appliques. He opened a present in a small pink box with “NCT” written on it; inside was his very own birthday bracelet, that he then showed off to the fans (and you can have it too!). Besides the cake and the bracelet, the company gifted Jaemin with champagne, but he says he is not a big fan of alcohol.

Jaemin also talked about the birthday messages he got from his family and NCT members. His mother was the first one to wish him a happy birthday at 12 AM on the dot, despite being outside the country (aww). Doyoung was the second person to congratulate him and right after he asked for Jaemin’s bank account details to transfer him some money so he can treat his fellow Dreamies to a meal! Mark sent him nice birthday wishes, but didn’t ask what he wanted for a gift, which annoyed Jaemin😂. On the other hand, “President” Chenle got him a camera lens as a present because Jaemin has been into photography lately. Could we expect some cool Instagram pics in the future?🤔

As expected, the birthday boy did not disappoint with fan service; saying that his birthday wish is for there to be many more NCTzens, telling fans to be careful not to catch a cold, doing three-set aegyo, and more.
He took the time to thank Czenies for sending him lovely bday wishes (which give him a lot of strength, he says) as well as organizing projects to celebrate his birthday, like subway ads, posters, banners, etc. Jaemin also mentioned being impressed with the huge video message in COEX Mall (seen in the photos below).

In case you missed it, here are some random facts about Nana: his current hair color is his favorite one so far (although he loved the pink hair too), rabbits are his favorite pets, and he’s a big fan of mint chocolate ice cream. He was drinking Americano during the VLive, but pointed out that it wasn’t the scary eight-shots-of-espresso combo he used to drink before (and you could practically hear NCTzens’ sighs of relief).

Finally, Jaemin reminded us all about NCT DREAM’s fansign in Daegu tomorrow (3 PM KST at Novotel Ambassador Champagne Hall) and teased the final “Dream VS Dream” video featuring Jeno and Haechan, which you can check out here.

Did you enjoy your daily dose of NCT DREAM? Comment down below😊

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