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Is NCT one of K-pop’s top visual groups?๐Ÿง

On August 27, Grazia Korea shared a short interview with NCT’s Doyoung on their official Instagram. This is our first look at Doyoung for the magazine’s September issue! Check it out below.


On August 22, ็‘žไธฝYoung e-magazine shared a teaser of their upcoming issue featuring Renjun on Weibo. Here is the caption translated into English:

#HuangRenjun #็‘žไธฝYoung #HuangRenjunFirstDomesticCover
โ€œItโ€™s really interesting to live a short but bright life compared to a long, lonely, cold and dark life.โ€
If the meaning of young idols lies in companionship, then this warmth is not alone.
Because of you, the sky will not be black, the road will not be far.
Don’t miss #HuangRenjun on August 25.

Original article:

NCT members are no strangers to photo shoots and NCTzens have even more to look forward to, as upcoming issues of various magazines will feature some of our handsome boys.

NCT DREAM’s Renjun will be getting his first solo cover for China’s ็‘žไธฝYoung e-magazine. Our Chinese “pure” boy’s first magazine cover comes out on August 25, which is also DREAM’s third anniversary! What a great way to celebrate three years since Renjun’s debut, don’t you think?๐Ÿ˜Š

NCT’s unofficial leader Taeyong will be featured in the September issue of Harper’s BAZAAR Korea. The previews look incredible, as seen below. Can you believe we’ll get eight pages worth of pics of our visual king? Talk about being #blessed.

On August 18, Allure Korea posted a teaser video of their September issue entitled “Fabulous Fall”, featuring all six members of NCT DREAM! It’s only for a few seconds, but we can already tell they are going to make every Czenie’s heart flutter๐Ÿ˜

Finally, we have NCT’s “mom” Doyoung being featured in the September issue of Grazia Korea. Unfortunately, no previews have been released so far, but we’ll be sure to update this article if the magazine shares any photos before this issue’s publication date โ€“ so come back to TheStandom for more info!

Which NCT member are you most excited to see gracing the cover of a magazine now or in the future? Let us know in the comments.

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