[NCT/WayV] Lucas And Ten Join Instagram

On October 5, one day after SuperM’s debut, Lucas and Ten opened their personal Instagram accounts, officially becoming the first NCT members to do so.

Then, just like it usually happens with K-pop stars, they both surpassed 100,000 followers in record time, prompting Instagram to temporarily block their accounts.

However, today – October 10 – they are finally back! You can follow them on @lucas_xx444 and @tenlee_1001.

Lucas‘ first post is the cutest video of himself waving to the camera and confirming that it is really him…

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Hello everybody! This is real Lucas~!

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…while Ten posted a true “flower boy” selfie as well as three more photos of his day in Los Angeles.

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Welcome to Instagram, guys!

So, since five out of seven SuperM members have their own IG accounts now, could we expect Taeyong and Mark to launch theirs as well?
Let’s wait and see…

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