[NCT] Yuta Chats To Fans On V LIVE

On September 17, Yuta held a live broadcast titled Did you wait a lot?? Long time no see on NCT’s official V LIVE channel.

Yuta obviously knows what NCTzens want, as he spent the entire 50-minute VLive answering fans’ questions in the comments. It’s not often we see him interacting with Czenies like this, but when he does, his fan service is on point!

He talked to fans in both Korean and Japanese, winked when they asked him to, asked what kind of costume he should choose for Halloween, and more. No wonder his video reached over 21 million hearts! We bring you the most interesting bits of his Q&A session below🤗

The team could have lost penalty shoot-outs [during ISAC] without you, right?

Definitely. They would have lost if not for me.

What did you do today?

Mark and I had lunch together. Our “dorm auntie” made us chicken!

Have you eaten the Hanwoo the team won at ISAC yet?

The Hanwoo that we won disappeared in one day.

Do you miss WinWin?

We see each other all the time in the practice rooms.

Has there been a change in roommates? [NCT 127 recently moved into a new dorm.]

Nope, it’s still the same.

FYI: Yuta shares a room with Mark and Taeyong.

How is Jungwoo?

Jungwoo is healthy and gaining strength, so please wait for him a little while more!

What are your hobbies lately?

I have been reading a book called The Courage to Be Disliked. Four of us happened to be reading it at the same time, actually. I’ve been wanting to read this book for long time. I was telling the members about it, and almost all of them knew what I was talking about, it was fascinating.

Have you seen Mark’s SuperM teaser?

Yes, I watched it with Mark.

Are you a dog person or a cat person?

Cat person… Aah, Rapunzel! [Yuta’s dog]

What color do you like?

I like black, white…and I like you all!

What will you be doing after the live?

What should i do? Hmm… I’ll talk to Mark.

Yuta has been spending a lot of time with Mark lately and we’re loving their bond! Just look at this sweet picture from ISAC 2019:

Finally, for more Yuta content (with English subtitles this time), we recommend the following cute episode of Johnny’s Communication Center. Enjoy!

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