NCT’s Taeyong Honest About Recent Hardships In VLive

Although it has been a while since his last broadcast, Taeyong surprised all NCTzens with a 40-minute long VLive this afternoon (September 7).

Just five minutes into the video, a visibly tired Taeyong opened up and shared his thoughts with fans.

He said:

I’ve been working a lot this year, there were lots of different schedules and there are still many left. Honestly, there’s something I’ve been thinking a lot about recently. I don’t know if I am being too greedy [for success]; maybe I should take some time off. I’ve been forcing myself a lot and it’s really tiring. But we all feel like this sometimes, right?

Taeyong paused for a moment before he continued:

When I was younger and someone around me was having a hard time, I would always try to comfort them by saying things like – ‘Stay strong! Don’t worry! You just have to endure it for a bit longer. Don’t give up!’ – but now…If you had a hard time I would tell you – ‘It’s okay if you give up. It’s fine if you can’t do it properly! It’s okay to be weird…’ I’ve really been thinking about this often lately and this is the message that I wanted to tell you today.

A fan then commented about NCT having some time off and Taeyong said that if possible in the future, he would like to go abroad to a warm place and just stay near the sea. A trip around Korea with his father is also included on his bucket list. 

Taeyong also asked the fans if they had seen the most recent SuperM teasers. He shared that he received vocal lessons from his new teammate Baekhyun, and even demonstrated one of the techniques “Baekhyunee hyung” taught him.

Afterwards, he talked about NCT Dream, prompted by a fan commenting on how he was Chenle’s bias in NCT 127. Taeyong said he loves the Dreamies and that their teamwork is amazing. He added that he hopes to be a good hyung to the younger members, especially the maknae Jisung who often talks to him about dance. We love hearing about NCT members from different units – who barely see each other due to their busy schedules – rely on each other like this!

The whole time, Taeyong was playing music from his favorite playlists, that includes songs like “Didn’t Stand A Chance” by Travis Garland, “More & More” by Finding Hope, “Only You” by Parson James and “She Likes Spring, I Prefer Winter” by Slchld. He also let us have a listen of a new song he was working on! Could it be one of the tracks from SuperM’s debut album…or a comeback song for NCT U?

Taeyong looked pretty exhausted during the broadcast, which is no surprise, as just before the video ended he explained that he had been awake for 24 hours straight!

While we can’t know for sure what made him feel the need to pour his heart out today, we do believe that the songs he played were also an indicator that he is going through a hard time and that he could use some rest. Do you guys agree?

Meanwhile, Taeyong’s new concept photos for SuperM’s debut were released just moments ago, and you can find all of them right here.

We hope that Taeyong finds time for himself amid all the schedules and preparations for the debut of SuperM on October 4. Czenies, make sure to send him some love on social media!

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Poor boy just has too much to do that’s why he needed to pour out his heart he needs comfort. They have truly too busy schedules.

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