New Details About Sunmi’s Comeback

Today, August 21, Sunmi’s company posted a link to this article on their official Twitter account.

In the article it is pointed out how versatile Sunmi is and how she changes her style as an artist with her every comeback. We also found out that we can expect something distinctly Sunmi, but also somewhat different, from this comeback.

They even claim that she belongs in her own category of music, which they called “Sunmipop“. According to the article, the best representations of “Sunmipop” would be her absolute biggest hit “Gashina” and “Herione“.

Speaking of “Gashina”, allegedly, the choreography for this comeback will be equally iconic as that one. We have to say that is a very bold statement, considering the choreo for “Gashina” was absolutely immortalized by this mind-blowing performance.

Another thing the article revealed is that Sunmi wrote the comeback title song “Lalalay” while she was in Mexico during her last world tour. The same birdie revealed that we can expect a Latino sound in the song.

We at TheStandom love that different music genres are slowly blending together. After all, music should be universal and K-pop is the best example of that.

Don’t forget to check out our Sunmi Comeback Countdown. It’s updated daily and it will keep you in the loop!

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