Oh My Girl – Queendom’s Biggest Surprise?

This article is a part of our series of articles about the participants of Mnet’s girl group competition show Queendom, which began airing on August 29 and will end on October 31.

Oh My Girl have been on the K-pop scene for more than four years now. They debuted in 2015 under WM Entertainment with the mini album Oh My Girl and the title-track “Cupid”, and since then they released five more mini albums, one studio, one special, as well as two Japanese albums. With a discography like that nobody can say that the girls haven’t had a fruitful career so far. 

And yet, compared to some of their Queendom co-participants, they are relatively less popular

In the video above you can see the girls trying to decide which song to choose for their first stage on Queendom. All the contestants wanted to start the competition off with a bang, and each one of them decided to perform one of their greatest hits in the first round of the competition. Oh My Girl had some trouble finding a song they deemed popular enough to be deemed a hit. This is what the leader Hyojung had to say:

We are at that level of fame when people are still only discovering our songs, and we were wondering whether people would even recognize the song we opted for.

The first time all the contestants met face to face before their performances didn’t really go as planned for Oh My Girl either – their sunbae Park Bom didn’t recognize them when they came on stage. The girls took that slight hitch in stride. Seunghee commented that they should take that as an incentive to work even harder to prove themselves. 

Hyojung’s determination to succeed in the show also didn’t waver after that uncomfortable moment. If anything, it just made her more passionate. This is how she defined Oh My Girl’s goals in the show:

First, I want our sunbaenims to recognize our hard work, secondly, I want us to prepare a stage so amazing it will make everyone say “Oh My Girl are so good!

And ever since that moment Oh My Girl have been doing just that.

For their first stage they chose their 2018 song “Secret Garden”. They decided to go with this song because they got their first music show win ever with it. 

This fairy-like performance earned them third place in the first round, and that was just a taste of what they are capable of. 

The second battle is when Oh My Girl really took everyone’s breath away. Since that was a cover battle, they prepared Lovelyz’ song “Destiny”, but with the most magical twist. 

Their version of the song was unrecognizable in the best way possible From the moment they appeared on stage in those beautiful hanboks, everyone was in awe. They gave the song a very traditional Korean feel which worked surprisingly well. 

With this performance Oh My Girl achieved all of their goals – they got first place, everyone praised them, and their fellow contestants definitely started paying more attention – even before the results were revealed, Hwasa claimed they were going to win first place, and Lovelyz’ Kei commented that she couldn’t believe that someone could change their song in such an amazing way. 

This was definitely not the last time we saw Oh My Girl at the top of Queendom rankings – the beautiful YooA won first place in the performance unit in the first part of the third round, and the girls were first again in the overall third round ranking. 

The girls proved that they are not only really talented, but also extremely hard-working and willing to take risks with their stages. After two powerful, but gentle performances, they blew us away with their “Twilight” vampire concept. 

Less than two days ago Oh My Girl released their Queendom single “Guerilla”. If you’re curious about what the other girls had to say about it, go check out this article.

If you combine all the points so far, Oh My Girl seem to be in the lead. However, with 65,000 points that are yet to be distributed among the girls in the final episode this Thursday, nobody knows who will be titled “Queen”. 

No matter the final results, Oh My Girl should be very proud of everything they have achieved on the show.

Do you think Oh My Girl have a chance of winning?

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Sadly the didnt wint only because mamamoo has more fans.

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