Paul McCartney’s Reaction To BTS

Yesterday, September 23, the absolutely legendary Sir Paul McCartney went on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert.

After about five minutes of the crowd’s wild cheers (understandable), the two men started their trip down Memory Lane. Sir Paul talked about why he believes he became, well, Paul McCartney. If you don’t have time to watch the video, but you really should, his conclusion is that being surrounded by music helped him produce his own… “plus, I’m a genius.”

There will always be that one music snob who will gasp and clutch at their pearly while saying “How can you POSSIBLY compare The Beatles and BTS!?”, to which I say, “Watch me”.

When Stephen asked him how they felt during their first American tour, Sir Paul’s answer can’t NOT remind you of BTS. Kids, came to America, kinda made it in their own country… and finally became the biggest thing on the planet, making three No. 1 albums in one year.

Stephen showed Sir Paul our seven lovable idiots bellowing “Hey Jude” when they were on The Late Show, asking him what is is about his music that transcends geography, cultures and languages and makes seven Korean guys sing his song at the top of their lungs. According to Sir Paul, the answer is “easy lyrics.”

All jokes aside, it was very gratifying to see a legend reacting to other legends. Music has changes drastically since The Beatles made our grandmas lose their mind, but one thing that hasn’t and can’t change is the fact that good music really knows no boundaries.

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