Pentagon, TXT, (G)I-DLE And More Wish Fans Happy Chuseok

Chuseok or Korean Thanksgiving Day is just around the corner and many idols are wrapping up their promotions and activities in order to spend the holidays with their families.

Moments ago, Cube Entertainment uploaded videos of their idols with special messages for fans ahead of Chuseok, which falls on September 13.


The girls from (G)I-DLE kept their video short and sweet.

Along with the typical good holiday wishes, the leader Soyeon added that she wished everyone to eat a lot of rice cakes. Right back at ya, girls!


Pentagon surely made their video message special when Hui and Wooseok made two acrostic poems with the word “Chuseok”. Other than that, the boys wished their fans to spend happy holidays with friends and family.

The group is currently in Seattle where they held a concert just yesterday, September 10, and they are so busy that they even had to film this brief video in their concert outfits. 


BtoB are total dorks in their video.

After they wished the fans to eat a lot of delicious food with their family members, the group started teasing Peniel.

They first asked him whether he would go to the US to meet his family and he said that he will actually stay in Korea but meet other Korean friends who also came back from abroad.

He then added that they will spend Chuseok the same way they used to spend Thanksgiving Day back in the US and the members then asked, all confused, if they will eat turkey. The video ends there with Peniel being all flustered and Ilhoon quickly took it upon himself to bid the fans goodbye.


CLC were all cute in their short video. They briefly wished for the fans to stay healthy and enjoy themselves during the short holidays. The girls are currently in the middle of their promotions for “Devil” and we hope that they can catch some rest too.


Big Hit’s rookies TOMORROW X TOGETHER went above and beyond for their Chuseok video. 

As you can see, Big Hit managed to get them into some traditional Korean clothes. In a recent V Live Taehyun and Yeonjun told us that they would be spending their Chuseok in work mode unfortunately, but it seems nothing could dull their holiday spirit. The boys were cracking jokes and talking over each other, but we did manage to decipher some of what they said.

Yeonjun’s message for MOA was to enjoy the holiday meal with their family, Taehyun’s to spend some time with friends they haven’t seen in a long time, and Beomgyu took this opportunity for a not-so-subtle plug – he said he hoped MOA will listen to their songs during the holidays. 

The boys also took to Twitter to share the holiday spirit. 

(A much taller Jimin in “Idol” MV vibes, don’t you think?)


TWICE members haven’t made any special videos or message for fans (yet) but JYPE announced that the members will get a few days off before resuming the comeback preparations. Tzuyu expressed her wish to go camping with her family and friends in Taiwan. Dahyun, on the other hand, prefers to stay at home with her family and watch 2019 Idol Star Athletics Championships – Chuseok Special.

Finally, you can check out BTS‘ Chuseok message right here!

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