Performances And Winners Of 2019 SOBA (Day 1)

The first night of 2019 Soribada Best K-Music Awards was broadcast on August 22 at 6:30 PM live from Olympic Gymnastics Arena in Seoul. Tonight’s MCs were Jun Hyunmoo and So Yihyun, and the lineup featured a total of 12 groups and 7 soloists, including TWICE, ATEEZ, Ha Sungwoon, and more. Keep reading for the complete recap of tonight’s ceremony😊

After all artists were introduced on stage, it was time for the first award of the night: New Artist of the Year, also known as “the rookie award”. And the winners were…ITZY! In their thank-you speech, the girls expressed their gratitude to JYP Entertainment and the staff members who work with them behind the scenes, and Chaeryoung pointed out that this award means so much to them even though they are a new group and still lacking. Finally, they thanked their fans, with Yuna adding that they wish to continue making MIDZY proud!
Then they performed their latest title song “ICY”, which was also No.1 on today’s episode of M Countdown, making it ITZY’s 9th trophy for this comeback and 18th music show win overall. These girls are on fire!

The band N.Flying were next to take the stage to receive the Rising Hot Star Award and perform their latest hit “Rooftop”. And then it was time for queen Chungha, who was one of the recipients of the Best Artist of the Year (Bonsang) award. She performed “Snapping”, looking gorgeous as a brunette, in a stunning black dress and thigh-high boots. Don’t forget to check out her new song here!

Next, we were blessed with Jeong Sewoon’s and Lee Changmin’s beautiful vocals. These two artists won the Voice Award, after which Jeong Sewoon performed his song “Feeling” (looking adorable while playing guitar, what else is new), and Lee Changmin gave us a throwback to the popular K-drama The Heirs with his OST “Moment”.

Ha Sungwoon once again proved that he is doing just fine after Wanna One’s disbandment, as he also won a Bonsang tonight, and performed “Blue” accompanied by very loud screams from the audience.

The recipients of this year’s special Music Star Award and Social Artist Award were CLC and MAMAMOO’s Hwasa, respectively. The ladies from Cube Entertainment then performed their girl-crush hit “Me”, while Hwasa delivered like only she can with the performance of “Twit”. She was joined by Solar and Moonbyul later in the show to perform “gogobebe” after receiving a bonsang and a daesang! See our article for more details on MAMAMOO at 2019 SOBA.

The next Bonsang was awarded to MOMOLAND. Nancy delivered her speech in English, saying: “Thank you for always loving us and supporting us. We owe it all to our Merries [Merry-Go-Round]!” Then they performed their latest hit “I’m So Hot” in stunning white and yellow outfits.

Trot singer Jin Sung performed “안동역에서” next and accepted his Trot Daesang. Congratulations to you, sir!

Monster rookies LOONA and ATEEZ were the recipients of this year’s Performance Award! This was ATEEZ’ first big award, so the boys thanked and congratulated ATINY for this award. They also thanked the company, all the staff, and their friends and family. After the show, they posted pics on Twitter with the following caption: “We received Performance Award at Soribada Awards🏆 ATEEZ’ first-ever award show with a meaningful award! A day filled with excitement and emotion gifted by ATINY💕” Congratulations to ATEEZ!!
After their speeches, LOONA wowed us with their performance of “Butterfly” dressed in all white, followed by ATEEZ performing “Wave” and being their fun and energetic selves on stage.

The lovely and talented girl groups Oh My Girl, Weki Meki, and WJSN all performed tonight as well. OMG won the Icon Award and performed “Bungee”; Weki Meki was one of the recipients of the new Art-tainer Award, after which they performed “Tiki-Taka”; and WJSN performed “Boogie Up” after winning the New K-Wave Artist Award. We wish Oh My Girl’s YooA and Weki Meki’s Suyeon (who had to be sitting down during their respective groups’ performances) a quick recovery!

Nam Woohyun delighted Inspirits and Goldenness everywhere with the performance of “Hold On Me” featuring Golden Child’s TAG. Woohyun has also won the Art-tainer Award. Congrats!

MONSTA X were unfortunately unable to attend the ceremony, but they won both the Bonsang and the New Wave Award! Congratulations to the boys on their fifth Soribada Award to date! Monbebes must be very proud.
Park Bom was absent too, but she took the award for Best R&B – Blackjacks, make some noise!

Stray Kids were the second recipients of the Rising Hot Star Award, after which they delivered a jaw-dropping performance of “Side Effects”.
Check out their post-show VLive!

Finally, the undisputed winners of the first day of 2019 SOBA were the “Nation’s Girl Group” TWICE! They won three awards, including Best Artist of the Year (Bonsang), the Popularity Award, and Music of the Year (Daesang). They also performed “Fancy” and “YES or YES” for the screaming ONCEs in the audience. The girls gave a shout-out to Mina in each one of their speeches, reminding us all that TWICE is OT9 no matter what! More on TWICE here🧐

Here is the full list of tonight’s winners:

  • Music of the Year (Daesang): TWICE
  • Live Performance of the Year (Daesang): MAMAMOO
  • New Artist of the Year: ITZY
  • Best Artist of the Year (Bonsang): Chungha, Ha Sungwoon, MOMOLAND, MAMAMOO, MONSTA X, TWICE
  • Popularity Award: TWICE
  • Best R&B: Park Bom
  • Trot Daesang: Jin Sung, Hong Jinyoung
  • Best Trot: Tae Jinah
  • Rising Hot Star Award: N.Flying, Stray Kids
  • Voice Award: Jeong Sewoon, Lee Changmin
  • Performance Award: LOONA, ATEEZ
  • Music Star Award: CLC
  • Icon Award: Oh My Girl
  • Social Artist Award: Hwasa
  • New K-Wave Artist Award: WJSN
  • New Wave Award: MONSTA X
  • Art-tainer Award: Nam Woohyun, Weki Meki

That’s it for day 1 of 2019 SOBA! Which performances were your favorite?

Make sure to tune in tomorrow for TheStandom’s full recap of the second ceremony!

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