Performances And Winners Of 2019 SOBA (Day 2)

After the amazing Day 1 of 2019 Soribada Best K-Music Awards last night, it was time for the second ceremony on August 23. Tonight’s MCs were Yoon Dohyun, Jin Kijoo, and Jung Yina.

The first award of the night was Best Producer, which was presented to Brand New Music’s CEO Rhymer! He humbly thanked the staff, all the artists from his company, the fans, and his loving wife.

Immediately after, Brand New Music’s first idol group AB6IX won their first Bonsang! Woojin wasted no time in thanking ABNEW; leader Youngmin then thanked Rhymer especially as well as their friends and family, and Donghyun (who was named “the hottest idol these days” by Insight) also expressed their gratitude to the managers, the staff, etc., while Daehwi simply added that he loves everyone.
They performed “Breathe”, looking gorgeous in silky black and silver outfits. Woojin’s leg has still not recovered enough for him to dance, but our main rapper spit fire nonetheless. And the crowd obviously loved them โ€“ ABNEW’s fanchants were on point!
AB6IX had to leave right after performing because they are flying to Hong Kong for tomorrow’s fan meeting. However, they first took to Twitter to thank the fans once again; both as a group and individually (Daehwi and Donghyun). Congratulations to AB6IX on being the only rookie group to win a Bonsang at SOBA 2019!

Next, it was time to announce the second recipients of the New Artist Award, and the winners were TXT! More on that here.

NATURE hit the stage next to accept the Music Star Award, followed by the performance of “I’m So Pretty” โ€“ which is exactly how these girls looked in their black/silver sparkly outfits. Afterwards, Lovelyz won the New K-Wave Artist Award, firstly thanking their Lovelinus (followed by happy screams from their many fanboys in the audience) and then performing “When We Were Us”, looking classy in all black.

The next award was the Social Artist Award, and the recipients were NCT 127, who showed up looking like princes in their all white suits. Taeyong thanked Lee Sooman, the SM content team, staff, and, of course, NCTzens. He also promised that they would work even harder and release even better songs in the future.

Three boy groups won the Next Artist Award: rookies ONEUS and NewKidd, and A.C.E, who were the first to perform.
A.C.E left us all shook with their incredible intro, alongside many backup dancers, before performing “UNDER COVER” and pulling out all the stops with flames and fireworks on stage, as well as backup dancers waving flags with their logo. ONEUS then served an amazing performance of “Twilight”, followed by NewKidd‘s “Tu Eres”. We can’t help but wonder about Ji Hansol’s reunion with the NCT members now๐Ÿ˜ญ

ASTRO (minus Cha Eunwoo) attended the ceremony to accept the Global Hot Trend Award, however, they did not perform tonight. After their appearance, soloist and ex-member of Madtown Lee Woo won the special Social Voice Award and sang “๋‚ด ์•ˆ๋ถ€“, delighting us all with his vocals.

The ex-members of Wanna One were on fire at this year’s SOBA! After Ha Sungwoon last night, Kim Jaehwan and Park Jihoon also won Best Artist of the Year, and the crowd went wild each time.
Jaehwan blessed us with his incredible voice singing “Begin Again” (accompanied by WIN:D’s impressive fanchant), as well as his cool dance moves performing “Designer”.
After accepting the Bonsang, Park Jihoon performed his debut single “L.O.V.E”, and later returned on stage to accept the New K-Wave Icon Award! He thanked the Maroo Entertainment staff and showed off his signature cuteness when thanking the fans. By the sound of the cheers, all Mays in the audience absolutely loved it.

The Chinese AKB48 spin-off group SNH48 were awarded the Global Entertainer Award and performed “Bravery” looking incredibly cute. Tonight’s male MC Yoon Dohyun was also one of the award recipients, as his band YB won the Best Rock Band award. Congratulations to both!

The girls of (G)-IDLE won the New Wave Award and performed “Uh-Oh”, looking chic and cool in black and white outfits, accompanied by female backup dancers. A boss b**ch performance, we must say! Read more about (G)-IDLE here.

Although BTS did not attend SOBA 2019, it sure felt like they were there, as they won three awards, including the Popularity Award, the Bonsang, and the Artist of the Year Daesang! Check out the article by our resident ARMY on the link.

This year’s trot rookies accepted their awards, thanked their respective fan clubs, and promised new songs soon. Then we got to enjoy four unique performances: Jung Miae‘s “Honey Flavor”, Hongja‘s emotional “์–ด๋–ป๊ฒŒ ์‚ด์•„”, Kim Soochan‘s fun “YOU & ME“, and Song Gain‘s “Nameless Actress“.

After the mini trot festival, NCT 127 returned on stage to accept the Best Artist of the Year award! They all picked up the Bonsang together, being the cutest and funniest brotherly group they are. And, yes, you heard right โ€“ Taeyong and the boys actually ended their speech with “Please subscribe and like”๐Ÿ˜‚ After that, it was time to wow everybody in the arena with their performances of “Regular” (with a special dance break before the bridge) and “Superhuman” (preceded by an amazing intro). Congratulations to NCT 127 and all Czenies! Make sure to go to @NCTsmtown_127 for the members’ adorable selfies (Mark’s actually made us tear up, no lie).

Following Rhymer and AB6IX, another BNM artist received an award; Yang Da Il won Best R&B and performed “Sorry”. After his beautiful performance, THE BOYZ came on stage to accept the Rising Hot Star Award and perform their comeback song “D.D.D”, that dropped just four days ago, so make sure to check out their MV if you haven’t already!

Finally, it was time for Red Velvet! Looking pretty in pink “Umpah Umpah” outfits, the girls won both the Bonsang and the Stage of the Year Daesang! They thanked the company, the staff, and the fans on stage as well as on Instagram:

Our Luvies~~~~~~~~ Today at Soribada, we won the Bonsang as well as Stage of the Year!! It’s a really meaningful dayโ€ฆ! The reason we’ve been able to do a lot of activities, many concepts, and many songs as Red Velvet for these past five years is because of the love and interest from our ReVeluvs, so we’ll work even harder to be a Red Velvet that you look forward to even more!! Luvies, we love you so so so much and I love you, our members~ How was our first “Umpah Umpah” stage~~~?? Please look forward to our “Umpah Umpah” promotions from now on! And later, at 11 pm! Red Velvet will appear on Yoo Heeyeol’s Sketchbook, so please watch it!โค๏ธโค๏ธ

Irene, Wendy, Seulgi, Joy, and Yeri performed “Zimzalabim” and had their first comeback stage with the new title song “Umpah Umpah”! All in all, a great day to be a ReVeluv๐Ÿ˜ Congratulations on #RedVelvet3rdDaesang!

Here is the full list of SOBA 2019 winners (Day 1 and 2):

  • Music of the Year: TWICE
  • Artist of the Year: BTS
  • Stage of the Year: Red Velvet
  • Live Performance of the Year: MAMAMOO
  • New Artist of the Year: ITZY, TXT
  • Best Artist of the Year: Chungha, Ha Sungwoon, MOMOLAND, MAMAMOO, MONSTA X, TWICE, AB6IX, Kim Jaehwan, Park Jihoon, NCT 127, Red Velvet, BTS
  • Popularity Award: TWICE, BTS
  • Best Producer: Rhymer
  • Best R&B: Park Bom, Yang Da Il
  • Best Hip Hop Maker: GroovyRoom, dress
  • Trot Grand Award: Jin Sung, Hong Jinyoung
  • Best Trot: Tae Jinah
  • Trot Rookie Award: Kim Soochan, Hongja, Jung Miae, Song Gain
  • Best Rock Band: YB
  • Voice Award: Jeong Sewoon, Lee Changmin
  • Performance Award: LOONA, ATEEZ
  • New K-Wave Icon Award: Oh My Girl, Park Jihoon
  • New K-Wave Artist Award: WJSN, Lovelyz
  • Social Artist Award: Hwasa, NCT 127
  • Rising Hot Star Award: N.Flying, Stray Kids, THE BOYZ
  • Music Star Award: CLC, NATURE
  • Global Hot Trend Award: ASTRO
  • Global Entertainer Award: Zero 9, SNH48
  • Art-tainer Award: Nam Woohyun, Weki Meki
  • Next Artist Award: A.C.E, ONEUS, NewKidd
  • New Wave Award: MONSTA X, (G)-IDLE
  • Social Voice Award: Lee Woo

Make sure to check out SOBA’s Instagram for more cool pics from the two ceremonies!

What do you guys think of the winners? Which performances were your favorite? Let us know in the comments๐Ÿค—

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