Producer Of “Adios” And “Zimzalabim” Behind TWICE’s Next Comeback

Olof Lindskog, a Swedish songwriter and producer that goes by the name of OLLIPOP, might be in charge of  TWICE’s new title song “Feel Special”.

On September 9, the songwriter uploaded Nayeon’s video teaser to his Instagram stories and made it clear that he indeed participated in the making of the group’s new music.

It is still unclear whether he wrote and/or produced the title song or a B-side of the Feel Special album, but if we take a look at his previous work with top-selling K-pop artists, it is safe to say that OLLIPOP only delivers bops.

Recently, he produced and co-wrote Everglow’s smash hit “Adios” and their B-side track “You Don’t Know Me”. He shared the following photo on his Instagram when the official MV for the title track hit 20 million views.

“Adios” has since amassed over 52 million views, and you can see the girls perform the song on Weekly Idol here.

After turning Everglow into potential candidates for ROTY, Olof Lindskog worked on Red Velvet’s June comeback and – you guessed right – “Zimzalabim” was born.

Previously, he also worked with Super Junior, Girls’ Generation, WJSN, LOONA, NATURE, f(x), TTS, VIXX, and 4Minute, so we can’t wait to hear his new masterpiece. 

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