‘Queendom’ Ep. 3 Recap

Ladies and gents and everyone else, what an episode this has been!

Today we saw the first three cover performances – Mamamoo’s, AOA’s and Park Bom’s. It looks like all the girls stepped up their game after the first performances because – WOW.

Before the performances, we got to see the girls getting ready for this week’s episode. Mamamoo’s Solar said that she wasn’t too happy about them ranking second and that they should have practiced more. What a perfectionist!

In the video below you can see everyone being nervous while trying to decide on a which song to cover. Everyone’s sunbae Park Bom said that she has to improve her ranking ASAP or just retire, because ranking below all of her hoobaes kind of stung. We hope we don’t have to say that this was said in good spirit, and was not meant to shade anybody. We think.

Solar said that AOA’s “Miniskirt” was out of the question because she couldn’t sing those high notes, so the girls decided on “Good Luck”. They said that the powerful style of the song suited them better.

AOA also had some trouble deciding on the song. Hyejeong was against “Mr. Ambiguous”, saying that she couldn’t do the narration in the song justice. We loved seeing all the girls not-so-subtly praising their competition. In the end the girls chose “Egotistic”. A very bold choice.

Park Bom decided to leave nothing to chance this time around and she went to visit the producer of (G)I-DLE’s “HANN” to make sure she was ready for the performance. She decided to change up the song and make it into something more hip-hop. Unexpected, but very much appreciated.

Speaking of Park Bom, she prepared a picnic of sorts, with balloons, a big WELCOME sign, the whole shebang. (G)I-DLE came and Soyeon gave her a HUGE bouquet. Park Bom responded in a Park Bom fashion – she said she liked Soyeon’s nails. Soyeon was very excited to see CL in Park Bom’s performance, but the K-pop veteran didn’t fall for the trick and refused to say who exactly she was bringing as a guest performer.

Then it was finally time for the performances. First up were Mamamoo. While they were talking to the MC, Moonbyul said that the concept of their performance is something like four mini concerts that still work as a whole. It’s safe to say that she did not exaggerate. Honestly, we’re impressed with people who manage to choose a bias in Mamamoo, besides the obligatory bias Hwasa. Check out their performance in the video below.

Next up were AOA with “Egotistic“. As good covers should be, this one was just the right amount different from the original. The girls absolutely killed it. Hwasa’s reactions tell you everything you need to know. And that DANCE BREAK! Wow! Not to get too social justice warrior-y, but we especially liked the addition of the male dancers all dolled up living their best lives.

All in all, AOA definitely did this amazing song justice and then some. We wouldn’t have been mad if Seolhyun decided to pull a a Solar and spun around the pole a few times, but we understand that Mnet doesn’t want to be sued for causing heart attacks. Check out this amazing performance for yourself.

Also, if you want to see those gorgeous dancers a bit better, here’s a photo Seolhyun posted on her IG story.

We know we’re risking your respect by saying this, but SLAAAAY!

And then, finally, the performance we personally were most excited to see – Park Bom with “HANN”. Lord! Unbelievable! She absolutely stepped up her game, not that her first performance was not good. The dress, the vocals, the overall bad b**** energy… And then the legendary Cheetah appeared and it was absolutely game over for us. Park Bom definitely showed why she’s still relevant after all these years.

And that was it. We absolutely CANNOT wait for next week’s episode. We hope the girls will continue doing their best, but most of all, that they’ll keep having fun. Mnet’s rankings really don’t mean diddly-squat to their fans.

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