‘Queendom’ Ep. 5 Recap And Cover Battle Rankings

Boys and girls and everyone else hooked on this show, another Queendom episode just aired and there’s a lot to talk about.

First, something we’ve all been waiting for for a whole week – last episode’s rankings:

  1. Oh My Girl – 9955 points (“Destiny” by Lovelyz)
  2. Mamamoo – 7667 points (“Good Luck” by AOA)
  3. AOA – 6924 points (“Egotistic” by Mamamoo)
  4. Lovelyz – 4986 points (“Sixth Sense” by Brown Eyed Girls)
  5. Park Bom – 4967 points (“HANN” by (G)I-DLE)
  6. (G)I-DLE – 4469 points (“Fire” by 2ne1)

You can see the adorable Oh My Girl react to their first place here.

And here you can see (G)I-DLE react to being last. Our captain Soyeon said that they will take this as motivation to be better and more passionate in their next performance. That’s a good leader!

Now we will try to make sense of this very confusing episode for you.

The third round of the Queendom battle will be divided into two parts – unit performances and original group performances. There will be two teams – a vocal team and a performance team. Both teams will consist of six members, but the vocal team will be further divided into three duets.

The vocal team consists of Mamamoo’s Hwasa, AOA’s Hyejeong, (G)I-DLE’s Minnie, Oh My Girl’s Hyojung, Lovelyz’ Kei and Park Bom.

The performance team consists of Mamamoo’s Moobyul, AOA’s Chanmi, (G)I-DLE’s Soojin, Oh My Girl’s YooA, Lovelyz Yein and … we don’t know who the last member is. But there definitely will be another girl joining them – the girls themselves said “there’s six of us”. Maybe Park Bom will get some reinforcement again. It would only be fair.

A total of 5000 points will be given in this part of the battle. We’ll try to explain the voting system as well as we can. Vocal units will be judged together. This means that a duet will get a certain number of points and those points will then go to their original groups. The girls in the performance unit will be judged separately and their individual points will go to their groups. Get it? We hope you do.

Next the units got their to-do lists.

The performance unit had to:

  1. Choose a unit name
  2. Choose a leader
  3. Choose a song and a concept

The vocal unit had to:

  1. Choose their partners for the duet
  2. Choose a name
  3. Choose a song
  4. Rearrange the song
  5. Distribute the lines
  6. Practice

The rest of the episode consist of the girls trying to go through these to-do lists. Even though there were no performances this week, there were a lot of notable moments, especially while the girls were trying to choose a song.

They all took turns saying which song they would like to perform. Park Bom said she likes ballads and she played Lee Hi’s “Scarecrow”. Minnie wanted to give “We Don’t Talk Anymore” by Charlie Puth a try, to which Hyojung said their tastes really differ. The always ambitious Kei’s song of choice was Xtina’s “Save Me From Myself”.

And now the moment that wrecked our bias list forever – Hwasa and “Wish You Were Gay” by Billie Eilish. We didn’t know we needed Hwasa to sing that song until she did, and now we don’t know what we’ll do if she doesn’t end up performing it next week.

Hwasa, Minnie and Hyejeong had to decide who’s going to be in a duet and who’s out (of the room). After some unsuccessful deliberation, Hwasa decided to leave things up to fate, or as she said, to telepathy. Her idea was for the other two girls to close their eyes and all three of them would show rock, paper or scissors and the girl who chooses the same as her gets to be in a duet with her. Minnie and Hwasa both showed paper, and the rest was history… for a short time.

The lovely Kei showed up and and stirred up some sweet, sweet trouble. In the end Hwasa chose Kei over Minnie saying that Kei seems very passionate and that she thinks they will do well together. Minnie took it like a champ that she is, only saying she wishes she showed more just how passionate she was.

In the end Minnie found herself in bed with Park Bom. Now that’s a sentence I never thought I was going to write. Minnie expressed her unwillingness to perform a ballad, saying they’re too difficult for her, so Bom told her to choose something else. Minnie, who we believe is crushing on Hwasa as much as we are, played “Bad Guy” by Billie Eilish. Now, that would be a performance. But, alas, fate is cruel and Park Bom chose to do a duet with Hyojung, which means that Minnie will be singing with Hyejeong.

Now on to the performance team meeting.

The girls decided on the name “Six Puzzle”. The name represents the six of them coming from different groups, but making one whole. And yes, there’s only five of them in the meeting. Mnet’s being sneaky again.

Soojin was supposed to be the leader, but she felt shy and declined. Do you know who’s never shy? Moonbyul – the new leader of the performance unit.

The last few minutes of the show were hilarious. The living breathing legend Park Bom decided that she wanted to mess with Hwasa a bit. She got all the girls, except for Kei who was already in the room with Hwasa, to go over to their room one by one and tell Hwasa they want to her to be their duet partner. Needless to say, poor Hwasa, who already made two difficult choices that day, was absolutely freaked out.

So… We know who’s in the units and who’s partnered up with who in the vocal unit… we think? We don’t know the songs the girls will sing and we certainly don’t know who the sixth member of the performance unit is.

Another thing we know and we’re glad to see is the girls getting along and having so much fun with each other despite the evil voting system. They’re already queens in our eyes.

If you missed any of the previous episodes, you can check them out here: ep. 1, ep. 2, ep. 3 and ep. 4. You can also check out our article on what we can expect from next week’s episode right here.

EDIT: Thank you to the lovely person in the comments pointing out our mistakes. You’re always welcome do to so, but we hope there won’t be need for it in the future 😉

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Hwasa asked for the girls to choose among rock or paper! No numbers were involved when choosing between minnie and hyejung.

Ah it was actually Hyejeong, Minnie, and Hwasa. Hyojung is from Oh My Girl. Also, it was not a number from one to five but a rock paper scissors telepathy, I think?

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