‘Queendom’ Ep. 6 Recap

Episode six is finally here!

This episode, just like the last one, was full of heart-warming interactions between all the girls, especially those partnered up for duets.

If you remember from last week, the performance team already came up with their name “Six Puzzle”, but the three pairs didn’t get that far. They were to busy fighting over Hwasa.

The lucky winner of that sweet, sweet battle was the lovely Kei, (yes, we made that same joke again). This episode we got to see the two talented ladies work on their duet. Just like the rest of us, Kei seemed absolutely smitten with Hwasa – she held her hand and suggested they stopped using honorifics since they became friends.

First order of business – coming up with the name for their duet. After exchanging a few ideas, they decided to go for “Gu-o” which means 95 and they are both 95 liners.

Both Hwasa and Kei, and Park Bom and Hyojung seemed to be making great progress with their duets. The third pair – Minnie and Hyejeong – however, were experiencing some troubles. They couldn’t seem to even agree on a song. Minnie kept suggesting American songs, while Hyejeong wanted to stick with something Korean. In the end they managed to find some common ground with Dean’s “Instagram”.

Their cries for help were answered in the form of the legendary Don Spike. Minnie and Hyejeong asked him to help them choose a song. Hyejeong later said that he was very helpful and that he gave them a lot of tips, but that he began talking so fast she couldn’t really keep up and she was completely lost by the end of their meeting.

Don Spike also went to check on the other two duets. He told Park Bom and Hyojung that he doesn’t really have that much to say to them because there isn’t anything problematic that they should work on. We’re glad to see Park Bom finally catch a break in this show.

Then it was time to head over to the performance team’s practice. The five girls still haven’t decided on what song they want to perform. They gave TVXQ’s “Before You Go” a try and Moonbyul absolutely wowed everyone with her moves. After that the girls remembers Soojin’s frankly unforgettable cover of Ariana Grande’s “7 rings”, and made her show them what she’s got, but she got really shy and couldn’t stop laughing. YooA then suggested Lady Gaga’s “Bad Romance”, followed by Moonbyul’s song of choice “Bang Bang” by Jessie J, Ariana Grande and Nicki Minaj.

Then we saw the girls sitting in a half-circle, laughing and showing of their flexibility. We have to say, we were just as impressed with Yein’s splits as were the rest of the girls.

Although the girls had a lot of fun, they also raised some important questions. They wanted to find a song that would fit their concept perfectly and Chanmi was worried about the five (six?) of them dancing as a team since all of them have such different styles.

Just like Don Spike came to save our vocal team girls, the performance team also got some very professional help – the amazingly talented Lia Kim.

She heard them out, checked out what they’re made of and helped them decide on a song. After much deliberation, the final choice was between Stefflon Don’s “16 shots” and Little Mix’s “Power”. In the end “Power” won with three votes.

After a hard day’s work the girls went back to their house to get some well-deserved rest and nutrition. The rest of the contestants who didn’t have rehearsals that day took it upon themselves to make dinner. While things were going pretty smoothly, everyone was still thrilled when Don Spike showed up and threw some meat on the grill. All of them happily munching on that delicious food was honestly one of the best moments of the episode.

This really isn’t all that important for the episode as a whole, but check out the video below at 2:43 if you want to see Hyejeong breaking a wooden bench.

Hyojung then opened up about competition between girl groups, saying that it’s amazing how close all of them have gotten despite all that negativity. Park Bom wholeheartedly agreed. We really stan!

Then it was time for “midterm evaluation”. The three duets had to show the rest of the girls what they got so far.

I’m sure everyone is as devastated as we are that Hwasa and Kei decided not to sing “Wish You Were Gay”. Instead, they went with “Señorita” by Shawmila.

Next up were “A-A” – Hyejeong and Minnie. After giving each other a bunch of compliments, they wowed the rest of the girls with Dean’s Instagram“.

And to think they were worried about their performance! Amazing.

The last pair, Park Bom and Hyojung, chose Lee Hi’s “Scarecrow”.

Can we just say that Park Bom in a sparkly sweatsuit is absolutely everything.

This wouldn’t be an episode of Queendom if there wasn’t any voting, now would it?

After these performances the scoreboard looks like this:

  1. Hyejeong and Minnie – 15 votes
  2. Hwasa and Kei – 8 votes
  3. Park Bom and Hyojung – 6 votes

And that’s it! We’re really hoping to see the girls perform in the next episode, even tough these last two episodes were absolutely heart-warming.

See you next week and don’t forget to check out our previous recaps here: ep. 1, ep. 2, ep. 3, ep. 4 and ep. 5.

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Thanks a lot i wanted to find the name of one song, and it was Stefflon Don’s “16 shots <3.

Hwasa and Kei are still singing Wish You Were Gay. They wanted to keep it a surprise from the other teams until the stage performances.

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