‘Queendom’ Ep. 7 Recap

The time has finally come! It’s another Thursday, Queendom just aired and we finally got to see all those performances we have been fantasizing about for three weeks now.

But first, let’s see what our girl’s were up to in the few days leading up to their stages.

At the beginning of the episode we saw our resident It Girl Hwasa talking about her partner Kei with the rest of Mamamoo. All of them agreed that Kei is absolutely adorable, a sentiment we can very much relate to. Hwasa added that she could never have expected she would enjoy working with Kei as much as she does, since the two of them have very different styles. Hwasa praised Kei for being such a happy and positive person. A-D-O-R-A-
B-L-E!!! If you want some more Gu-o content (that is their duo name), check out this article and if you’re dying to know what the two of them talked about when they facetimed, click here.

Our second duo and the winners of last week’s episode, Minnie and Hyejeong are still not sure what to do with their performance. We saw Minnie go to FNC Entertainment looking for Hyejeong bright and early in the morning. The girls talked about maybe not singing Dean’s Instagram” and instead find something else. Minnie suggested “Just” by Zion. T and Crush, but Hyejeong said she can’t rap.

Minnie admitted that she is afraid of disappointing the rest of the (G)I-DLE girls, to which Hyejeong said that she admired her passion. Speaking of that passion, we found out that Minnie spent almost five hours in the studio recording this song because she wanted everything to be perfect. Such dedication!

Park Bom and Hyojung, as we have seen from the previews, have had quite the week, but they seem to be doing okay now. We saw them rehearsing “Scarecrow” by Lee Hi. The absolute cutie, but also *incredibly strong* Park Bom said that the lyrics of the song describe the worst parts of someone’s life perfectly – “When you’re all alone in a dark place“. We really hope that she never again has to relate to the song, because she deserves better!

The conversation between these incredible ladies was one of the best parts of today’s episode, and that is saying a lot. Hyojung said that she realized that she has to love herself and be there for herself, because ever since she was a trainee she was taught that she has to appeal to everyone else, and that if she doesn’t do it, she feels very lonely. Park Bom told her to channel these emotions into their song and get rid of some stress in that way. Spoken like a true survivor!

Okay, wipe your tears (for now), and let’s get down to business. Let’s remind ourselves of the voting system.

There are three types of points which will determine the final winner(s):

  1. Preliminary rounds points
  2. Comeback single points
  3. Live voting

And now, ladies and gents, finally, the performances.

First up was our favorite girl-power, self-improvement duo Park Bom and Hyojung.

Well, this was utterly heart-wrenching, now was it? Seeing the audience give them so much support warmed our shattered hearts so much. You could feel so much emotion in the song, they really poured all of their pain into this performance and they deserve all our respect, not only for their performance, but also for the bravery it took to open up so much on TV when they knew how many people will see them so vulnerable. We hope this beautiful performance will help Park Bom and Hyojung heal and let go. In the words of wise Hyojung “We all go through stuff like this, we’re all in this together.”

Then it was time for the girls’ favorites Minnie and Hyejeong.

No wonder these two won the most votes in the last episode! The styling, their vocal performance, the soulfulness, the stage presence! Their voices worked so well together and the song fit them perfectly. We’re glad they didn’t end up opting for something else. After a performance like this, we hope Minnie and Hyejeong will stop doubting themselves so much and realize how crazy talented they are.

The last duo of the vocal team, Hwasa and Kei, didn’t have the time during their rehearsal – they said it was awkward. Well, we don’t see absolutely anything awkward about their performance.

Hwasa is wearing that prison jumpsuit because she stole all of our hearts and a good portion of our sanity! And Kei! The cute, bubbly Kei blew us away with her voice! This article became our fangirling, but we’re sure you can relate. These girls are not just amazing singers, they are performers! In the interview we linked above Kei said she gets too focused on singing and doesn’t pay as much attention to performing, but she was absolutely perfect today. And Hwasa… Well, if you’ve been reading our recaps, you’d know that we have a hard time hiding our bias, but in our defense, everyone on Queendom is also smitten with her. The girls were unbelievable.

The performance team definitely didn’t let the vocal team to outshine them, but they did experience some issues during their rehearsal. Lia Kim told them they weren’t in sync, but, as you’ll see in a second, they solved that problem.

We also found out who the mystery performer taking Park Bom’s place is – Brave Girls’ Eunji. Park Bom went to ask Brave Brothers, a famous rapper, producer and owner of Brave Entertainement, if she could “borrow” Eunji, and he agreed. If you remember, Eunji and Bom already worked together on Park Bom’s song “Spring”. Eunji took her role very seriously, saying that this stage is much more important than when she performs with Brave Girls. She also added that the fact that she’s doing this for her sunbae makes her worry about her performance even more.

Up next were the solo performances all the girls prepared, followed by the “Six Puzzle” performance.

The first one to take the stage was Yein. The talent it takes to make a dance like hers look effortless… She looked like she was gliding on that stage. Nobody tell her that gravity exists!

Then it was time for Soojin and her “couple dance”. Oh my, my, my. That was even steamier than we had anticipated. Both Soojin and her dance partner exuded such raw sex appeal, no wonder Mnet decided to air the show so late at night.

After that the fearless Chanmi took the stage. We say “fearless” because a member of the staff warned her that there are some dangerous moves in her routine, but she said she can do it. And boy, she did it, and then some!

The smoothest of all criminals YooA was next. That girl dancing to MJ in a red sequin suit is what this show needed. It’s what we all needed, actually.

The “Six Puzzle” leader was up next. We already knew Moonbyul can dance (and rap, and sing, and do everything), but this still left us speechless and wigless. The way she moves her body is amazing, but coupled with her facial expressions, Byul was deadly.

The last one to take the stage was Eunji. She had a super cool moment with Park Bom, before the latter left the stage. Unfortunately, that was the end of her solo performance. Mnet, are you okay? Are you okay, Mnet? (Please tell me you got the reference.)

All that was left then was the final group performance. Do we even need to tell you that it was amazing, perfect, stunning, incredible… or do you already know by now that these girls always bring it?

And that’s it. We have three episodes left. While you wait for next Thursday, go check if you missed anything by checking out our recaps – ep. 1, ep. 2, ep. 3, ep. 4, ep. 5 and ep. 6.

See you next week!

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