‘Queendom’ Ep. 8 Recap

Ladies and gents, can you believe that in two weeks Queendom will be over and we will find out who our queens are?

At the beginning of this episode we found out the rankings from the previous one. First the vocal team:

  1. Hwasa and Kei
  2. Park Bom and Hyojung
  3. Hyejeong and Minnie

Minnie wasn’t too happy with third place but her supportive (G)I-DLE members tried to find the bright side, saying that this is actually like a bronze medal and that it’s okay. Park Bom also wasn’t too thrilled – she said she wanted to get first place just once.

The performance team ranking:

  1. YooA
  2. Moonbyul
  3. Soojin
  4. Yein
  5. Chanmi
  6. Eunji (Park Bom)

Mnet, you do realize you didn’t give Eunji a solo stage, right? Can Park Bom catch a break in this competition?

Then we saw (G)I-DLE talking about the results. Soyeon once again proved that she’s an amazing leader, even at such a young age. She told the girls they should not lose their faith or look defeated. According to the girls, their fans wanted to see them perform a slower song, so they decided to go with “Put It Straight” for the second part of the third round. However, they decided to change the rhythm and the concept of the song and make it creepy. Interesting.

Over in Mamamoo’s room the girls were also deliberating which song to choose for their semi-final performance. “My Star”, “No More Drama” and “I Miss You” were all good options, but in the end the girls opted for “I Miss You”. Moonbyul came up with the idea of making the song directed towards their fans. The girls really wanted to make sure Moomoos knew how much they miss them.

The AOA girls talked about feeling a lot of pressure because of how amazing their second stage was. They said everyone at home was thrilled with how they covered Mamamoo’s Egotistic“. Their song of choice for this stage was “I’m Jelly Baby”, originally sung by AOA’s subunit AOA Cream. Chanmi said they have to make sure to be energetic and the girls tried to talk Hyejeong into taking over a part of Jimin’s rap. We’ll see if they managed to do so.

Then the voting system for the third round was explained. In the first part of this round a total of 5000 points was given to the girls. In the second part there were 10,000 points – 7000 were audience votes, 2000 special votes and 1000 votes the girls could give to each other.

As we have learned from the preview Mnet uploaded today, the first to take the stage were (G)I-DLE with their “Put It Straight (Nightmare Version)“. When they first appeared on stage, everyone was shocked because they were barefoot. They explained to the MC that they decided to forgo shoes in order to dance better. Since they decided to go for a very creepy concept, they got the famous stylist SSIN to help them pull it off, and pull it off they did.

Soyeon said she wanted everyone watching this performance to get goosebumps and that they were going to show us “rage within sadness”.

They wanted us to get goosebumps and boy, did their wish come true! The six of them looked like the most powerful coven of talented witches ever up on that stage. If you weren’t in the Halloween mood before this, now you definitely are! Soojin and Minnie seem to be made for this kind dark and witchy concept, while Soyeon once again proved that her stage presence and facial expressions can take all of us to another dimension. Great job, girls!

Before Mamamoo showed everyone how it’s done, Moonbyul reiterated that they wanted to communicate with their fans through this performance and that she hoped all of them would enjoy their performance together.

There is no point in stating the obvious – Mamamoo have one of the best vocals in all of K-pop. This has got to be the most touching performance on the show (except maybe Hyojung and Park Bom’s stage). The girls managed to make us believe that they miss us (they even wrote it on the screen at the beginning of their perfrormance) and in turn they made us miss them. The clips shown throughout the video of their trainee days and early music show appearances really contributed to the overall nostalgic vibe of their performance. No wonder half of the audience was left in tears. The rest of the girls backstage said that Mamamoo’s performance and those videos made them think back on their trainee days and the beginnings of their career. To make a long story short, everyone was touched by their stage.

The last group to perform today were AOA. Their performance ended up being full of surprises. All of them pleasant, of course.

First the original AOA Cream members (Hyejeong, Chanmi and Yuna) performed “I’m Jelly Baby”, which was so adorable and colorful. We’re sad Seolhyun wasn’t with them on stage, but she unfortunately had a schedule conflict and had to miss their performance. After the three of them lulled us into a false sense of safety, rockstar Jimin came out of nowhere and with the help of N. Flying’s Lee Seunghyub rocked our world with Unpretty Rapstar hits “T4SA” and “Puss“. Their performance really was the grand finale of today’s episode of Queendom.

If you missed any of the previous episodes, make sure to check out our Queendom recaps and other related articles right here.

See you next week!

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