‘Queendom’ Ep. 9 Recap & Rankings

Welcome to our second to last Queendom recap ever!

At the beginning of this episode we saw how the the girls who are yet to show us their third round performances came up with their stages.

Oh My Girl ladies decided to perform their 2018 song “Twilight“, but with a twist – Jiho suggested to go for a more movie-like concept for this stage, and the girls agreed.

Over in Lovelyz‘ room the girls were also in the middle of their decision-making. In the end they opted for “Cameo” from their 2017 mini album R U Ready. The girls decided not to make any drastic changes to the song, but they said they wanted to give it a musical concept.

Park Bom chose her ex-labelmate Teayang’s hit “Eyes, Nose, Lips”. She said she wanted to give her loyal fans who always had her back the best stage she possibly could, and that she was going to practice as hard as possible.

Then it was already time for the performances. The first ones to take the stage today were Oh My Girl with “Twilight”.

Just like (G)I-DLE in the last episode, this performance really got us in the mood for Halloween. The contrast of their white outfits against the dancer’s dark ones looked really striking and the choreography was captivating.

Then it was time for something a bit brighter and lighter – Lovelyz gave us major High School Musical vibes with their “Cameo” performance.

When they talked to the MC, Kei said she believed this was the best concept for them. We might have to agree.

The last performance before the final round was Park Bom’s rendition of “Eyes, Nose, Lips“.

Everyone, including us, was amazed by her performance. She kept it fairly simple – just her and an amazing dancer up on the stage. We guess she doesn’t need much more when she can pull of those high notes at the end of the song.

After the nice part of the episode was over, it was time to find out how the girls fared in this battle.

This is the final 3rd round ranking:

  1. OMG – 11,572
  2. MMM – 10,612
  3. Lovelyz – 10,504
  4. G(I)-DLE – 8,284
  5. Park Bom – 7,098
  6. AOA – 5,577

Mamamoo won first place for the first part of the round – vocal and performance stages, Lovelyz won all the special points of the night, but, as you can see, Oh My Girl took home the most points in total once again.

Oh My Girls’ Seunghee couldn’t contain her tears after they were announced winners of this round, saying that she had never expected them to win twice in a row.

Jimin took AOA being last in stride – she just joked about them going straight back to the studio to prepare for their final stage. What an uplifting queen.

Towards the end of the episode we saw the girls listening to the previews of each other’s songs. If you want to know more about that, click here.

To remind you, all the contestants’ Queendom singles are dropping tomorrow, 25 October at 12 pm KST.

Are you ready?

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