‘Queendom’ Final Episode – Meet Your New Queens MAMAMOO

Today, October 31, ten weeks after the first episode aired, Mnet’s Queendom has come to an end, and what a final episode it was.

We got to see all the contestants perform their new Queendom singles, but before that we were reminded of the voting system.

  1. 35,000 points from the preliminary rounds
  2. 15,000 music chart points
  3. 50,000 live voting points

At the beginning of the episode, this is how our girls ranked:

  1. Oh My Girl – 27,319
  2. Mamamooo – 25,462
  3. (G)I-DLE – 22,611
  4. Lovelyz – 19,133
  5. AOA 17,227
  6. Park Bom 16,272

The first to take the stage were AOA with “Sorry“.

Their Wild West inspired concept amazed everyone. The girls really went all out with their outfits and the performance, and if you didn’t stan Chanmi up until this point, you will after you see this performance.

Then it was time for Lovelyz to calm us down just to excite us all over again with their fairy tale performance of “Moonlight“.

If you don’t think Lovelyz look like real-life fairies here, better check out their performance again.

After those two stages, it was time for the MCs to reveal how the girls and their singles fared on Korean music charts. This was their ranking:

  1. Mamamoo
  2. Oh My Girl
  3. (G)I-DLE
  4. AOA
  5. Lovelyz
  6. Park Bom

At this point in the episode Mnet still hadn’t revealed how many of the 15,000 points each contestant received.

Park Bom took the stage next with the beautiful and touching “Can’t Turn Back, Can’t Go Back, Nowhere To Go Back“.

Even though she looked like the spitting image of Ariel, she definitely didn’t sacrifice her voice for those killer legs – she blew everyone away with those high notes.

Last episode’s winners Oh My Girl were up next with “Guerilla“.

The girls kept their stage fairly simple, but with voices like theirs, they don’t really need much else, now do they?

They were followed by a pride of fiercest lionesses the world has ever seen – (G)I-DLE with “Lion“.

So much was happening on their stage, we could hardly process all of it, but one thing we know for sure is that this maknae group has once again managed to give us an incredible performance that they should be very proud of.

The cherry on top of this amazing evening were the oh-so-talented Mamamoo with “Destiny“.

These girls’ performances have always been breathtaking, but it seems that they tried just that bit harder for this final episode. Love them or not, everyone has to admit that their vocals are something else.

When the time to announce top two groups came, you could see just how everyone nervous was. Even though each and every one of the girls in this competition did amazing, Mamamoo and Oh My Girl were chosen as the top two contestants and the remaining contenders for the title of “Queens”.

The MCs really kept us at the edge of our seats for quite some time before finally announcing that our Queens were MAMAMOO!

Congratulations, girls! You earned it!

Stay tuned for further Queendom updates!

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