‘Queendom’ – Funded By Artists, Making Money For Mnet + Mnet’s Official Response

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Seems like the recent allegations that Mnet made all the artists’ companies pay for their stages made enough waves among the general public, because Mnet officially responded to them.

In this Naver article, they claim that all the accusations in the article published earlier today were completely unfounded and false. Mnet’s representatives stated that Mnet has been paying the artists for their participation in their show, as well as covering the production costs, as was agreed upon in the contracts they all signed before the show started.

Additionally, all the entertainment companies participating in the show have come out with statements of their own, claiming that they have indeed been receiving payment from Mnet and that the production costs were also covered by them.

We cannot claim with certainty what the complete truth here is, but we will definitely keep a close eye on this situation.


In a recent Naver article it was revealed that Mnet’s new music show Queendom is almost completely funded by the artists’ entertainment companies.

None of the stages that the contestants are expected to prepare every week have been covered by production costs – the outfits and makeup, the props, even the choreographers, everything was covered by the artists.

The same source claims that, even though Queendom is a kind of reality music survival show, there are barely any music directors provided by Mnet who could help the girls work on the songs for their performances.

Additionally, all YouTube and Naver ad revenue is, of course, kept by Mnet.

Now, that fact alone would not be problematic – they are the hosts of the show after all, but when you combine the barely-there funding they provided and the lack of qualified people from the music field working on the show, you have to wonder – are they really in it for the money?

This could also be tied back to Mnet’s complete disregard for fairness, since not all entertainment companies are in the same financial position. Another fact that also has to be taken into consideration is that not all the contestants are in the same position when it comes to their current relevance and popularity. Some contestants have more to gain from this show than the others, and that could be reflected in the funding they receive from their companies.

All in all, we love the overall idea behind Queendom, we’re just not sure if if was well thought out and executed to the best of Mnet’s ability.

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