‘Queendom’ Participants React To Each Other’s New Songs

Today, October 24, Mnet uploaded a video in which we see all the Queendom contestants listening to each other’s songs.

If you hadn’t been excited to hear the groups’ new song before you watched the video, now you certainly are.

The first song the girls listened to was Lovelyz‘. Judging by their reaction, Lovelyz stepped out of their comfort song and will give us something totally different from their usual style this Friday. Hyojung and Shuhua were so surprised they exclaimed “This is Lovelyz sunbaenims‘ song?” Moonbyul and Solar both agreed that Lovelyz never dabbled in this genre before, while Park Bom said the song sounds like American pop. While all the girls seemed to love the song, Seolhyun went one step further and said she wanted it to be their title track.

Then the girls switched to AOA. This song also wowed everyone and all the girls agreed that it had a distinctly cute and sexy sound. Wheein admitted that this was her favorite song.

Park Bom’s song seems to be a bit more on the serious side, with a lot of high notes. The girls said only an amazing singer would be able to pull it off. According to the girls, Park Bom didn’t really stray from her usual style, but the song still managed to give them goosebumps.

Then it was time for (G)I-DLE’s song. The girls’ reactions upon hearing the song are priceless. Some feel like they’re in a cave, Tarzan was mentioned, and so was a demon coming out of lava. Are we thoroughly confused by these descriptions? Yes. Are we out-of-our-minds excited? Also yes.

Oh My Girl’s song seemed to have everyone enthralled within seconds. Just like Park Bom, the girls stuck with their style – if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. The general consensus was that it sounds mysterious and dreamy and it makes you feel like you’re in space.

And finally we have Mamamoo’s song, which left the girls speechless at first. Everybody agreed that their voices are incredible, and Mijoo even said that they should go record their song again after hearing this song. Jimin, the resident crackhead, said that the song sound like a historical drama OST.

Stay tuned for our Queendom ep. 9 recap this afternoon and don’t forget to check out our other Queendom articles.

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