Red Velvet Achieves Certified All-Kill With “Psycho”

On December 25, Red Velvet achieved their first certified all-kill (CAK) for “Psycho”, meaning that the song is No. 1 on every major daily and realtime chart in Korea, making them the only girl group in 2019 to do so.

The group also has a total of 26 RAKs (realtime all-kills) as of 3:30 pm KST.

Red Velvet and BTS are the only groups to get a CAK in 2019, and Red Velvet is the first girl group to achieve this since TWICE with “YES or YES” in November of 2018. This is also the second fastest CAK this year, as it took Red Velvet just 44 hours to top the realtime and daily charts (only preceded by IU, who did it in less than 24 hours twice).

Read more about the rest of Red Velvet’s historic accomplishments in our compilation article.

Congratulations to Red Velvet and ReVeluvs, and merry Psychoristmas to all!

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