Red Velvet, Chungha, NCT DREAM, And More Light Up Sky Festival

The 16th annual Sky Festival at the Incheon International Airport Culture Park was broadcast today, August 31, on KBS Joy at 7 p.m. KST. This year’s two-day event begins with a K-Pop Concert. The lineup included top performers like Chungha, THE BOYZ, Stray Kids, NCT DREAM, Red Velvet, and more! Tonight’s cute MCs were The Boyz’ Q and Stray Kids’ I.N.

Chungha opened the concert in style, with a performance of her most recent hit “Snapping”. Then she addressed the audience during the intermission: “It’s an honor to perform here today. ‘Gotta Go’ is up next and I’d love it if you sang along with me. You know the song, right? Let’s start!” We loved that Chungha still has the pink highlights that she debuted at SOBA – a total visual queen! Also, her famous male backup dancer (that now has fans of his own) joined our queen for today’s show, and we are sure that some of the screams from the audience were for him as well. Chungha concluded her part of the show with “Roller Coaster”. Later, she posted some photos she took with all of her backup dancers and thanked the fans for their support today:

Afterwards, boy group Spectrum performed their most recent songs “Manito” and “After Party“, followed by a powerful stage by Stray Kids. They heated up the atmosphere with “Side Effects” and “Miroh”. Bang Chan then greeted the audience: “We are very happy and honored to be here today. You all know our recent comeback title song ‘Side Effects’, right? And ‘Miroh’?” Changbin continued: “The last song we’ll perform today is all about self-confidence and we would love to deliver the inspiring message of the song to everyone here.” You might have guessed it: it was “My Pace”! Stays, hadn’t you missed seeing the boys perform this song?

THE BOYZ were up next; firstly performing their latest comeback song “D.D.D”. After a short ment, they performed “Bloom Bloom” and “No Air” as well, proving that they can pull off both cute and sexy concepts.

In addition, Sky Festival included “The Voice” segment of the concert. Firstly, N.CA brought her angelic looks and vocals, singing “Awesome Breeze” and the famous Reply 1988 OST “Even if a memorable day comes“. Next, it was time for one of the best ballad singers around, Hwang Chiyeul. He sang “A Walk To Goodbye” and – of course – his biggest hit “A Daily Song“. Even though there were some problems with his microphone in the beginning of the latter song, Hwang Chiyeul handled it like a pro and still delivered a beautiful vocal performance.

NCT DREAM hit the stage next with “My First and Last” in cool denim outfits. Their fashion was on point, as the black, blue, and white really suited the sky concept. After the first performance, they greeted the audience, and NCTzens’ screams were the loudest ones yet – we didn’t expect anything less! The next song was “Stronger”, followed by the teenage anthem that is “We Go Up”. Then it was time for the ending ment before running back to the main stage (featuring a funny moment when Renjun said: “The last one to reach [the stage] has to buy a meal!”) to perform the last song: “Boom”. All in all, a top-notch performance by our Dreamies!

Finally, it was time for Red Velvet‘s stage. The girls seemed to just come back from receiving their fifth win on MBC’s Show! Music Core, as they firstly performed “Umpah Umpah” in the same outfits they wore this morning.

Their other summer bop “Power Up” was up next, followed by a short ment, during which the members expressed their surprise at the even larger crowd than last year’s Sky Festival. Then they performed “Zimzalabim” and addressed the audience for the last time, thanking them for their great energy and announcing the final song of the night. Naturally, it was Red Velvet’s iconic summer anthem “Red Flavor”! Congratulations on a wonderful stage and #UmpahUmpah5thWin 👏👏

Did you guys catch the 2019 Incheon Sky Festival? Which performance was your favorite?

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