Red Velvet Comeback Countdown


D-1 (December 22)

12 pm KST

It has been announced that the MV teaser for “Psycho” will be revealed on comeback day, December 23, at midnight.

Red Velvet’s “Psycho” MV teaser will be unveiled today at midnight KST!
Stay tuned for the beautiful visuals, mysterious atmosphere and various looks of Red Velvet!💫

The suspense is killing us!

In the meantime, you can check out “Red Velvet’s PsychoRISTMAS Party” at 10 pm KST on V LIVE.

12 am KST

With only 42 hours to go until Red Velvet’s highly anticipated comeback, we got…one last “day version” teaser?

It’s a black and white group photo that gives off more ominous “Psycho” vibes, but it was really the music video teaser that the fans were expecting…

This awe-inspiring teaser image seems to be the final piece of the puzzle, as the Red Velvet hotel on Instagram is finally complete!

Stay tuned for the MV teaser later today.

D-2 (December 21)

12 pm KST

The girls carry on the sinister theme into their “day version” teasers.

First, we have Seulgi, Irene, and Yeri standing around a pond in their gorgeous outfits and staring into the camera as if to ask: “Should we jump?” The next shot is of Wendy and Joy posing together cheek-to-cheek, looking like beautiful expressionless porcelain dolls.

The final two “day” images are group photos of Red Velvet standing in a straight line, reminding us of a mysterious and alluring coven.

Finally, a single “studio version” group picture was released today – the one we’ve already seen on the group’s fansign poster. The concentric hearts are a throwback to Girls’ Generation’s “Genie”, with everything else being uniquely Red Velvet. This colorful concept seems to belong to another comeback entirely, but that’s the duality of our girls for you! Let’s wait and see if both worlds are represented in the “Psycho” music video…

In addition, it looks like Red Velvet have more surprises in store for the fans, as they teased another special V LIVE broadcast on Christmas Eve!

“Psycho” Comeback D-2! Red Velvet’s Special Christmas Present🎄 Check out ‘The ReVe Festival Finale’ via Naver V LIVE Red Velvet Channel on Decemeber 24th!❣️

ReVeluvs, what are you expecting this to be?

12 am KST

It’s time for group teasers! Red Velvet are wearing their studio outfits and jamming to “Psycho” instrumental in the teaser clip…

…and evoke serious cult vibes in “night version” teaser images.

This comeback is giving us mixed signals throughout! Do you think “Psycho” will lean toward the fun and colorful Red concept or the sleek and eerie Velvet concept?

Chapter 1: Psycho

D-3 (December 20)

12 pm KST

Joy’s “day version” and “studio version” looks may not have been a surprise like the rest of the members’, but they are certainly no less impressive!

She is dark and chic in a black and white outfit with a Victorian collar for the second concept, and we can’t help but notice that her “day ver.” teasers look the gloomiest of all. On the other hand, Joy is a colorful retro princess in “studio ver.” photos, wearing a Babygirl necklace.

Day Ver. (1-3), Studio Ver. (4-6)

After a total of 50 individual teasers, as well as 15 audiobook-style clips, being released this week, there’s only group and MV teasers (plus possibly the “Psycho” chapter) to anticipate before The ReVe Festival Finale sees the light of day.

This is the final stretch! ReVeluvs, how are we feeling?

10 am KST

Red Velvet’s upcoming title track “Psycho” is produced by EJAE, Cazzi Opeia (the woman behind “Peek-A-Boo”, “Blue Lemonade”, and “Sunny Side Up!”, to name a few) and Drew Ryan Scott, with SM hitmakers Yoo Youngjin and Kenzie also participating in its creation.

Furthermore, Cazzi Opeia, Kenzie, and the renowned Swedish producing duo Moonshine (with credits on “Peek-A-Boo” and “Power Up”) worked on “In & Out”; popular lyricist Lee Suran and the Royal Dive team wrote and composed “Remember Forever”; and Andreas Öberg (the Swedish producer/songwriter who co-wrote “One Of These Nights” and “Umpah Umpah”) is the mastermind behind “La Rouge”.

Source (1) (2)

Red Velvet is raising anticipation for their comeback, having released teasers for every member! Meet “Psycho”, the lead song with addictive hooks, co-composed by hitmakers Yoo Youngjin and Kenzie, on Dec. 23rd at 6 PM KST!

12 am KST

The last day of individual teasers is upon us and it’s finally time for Joy!

Our stunning Park Sooyoung is a runaway bride in her teaser clip…

…and a sight to behold in “night version” photos. Notice the familiar imagery: a chair in the woods (like Seulgi), a rose (Yeri and Seulgi are both holding a red rose for the “day” concept), and the lantern (present in everyone’s teasers except Seulgi’s).

Over on Instagram, the windows of the ReVe house have turned green – which is Joy’s representative color – and Wendy narrates chapters 16, 2 and 3 of the story. At last, Red Velvet give us a taste of the new tracks, as their instrumentals can be heard in the background!

Chapter 16: La Rouge
Chapter 2: In & Out
Chapter 3: Remember Forever

Does this mean we’ll have to wait until comeback day to find out what happens in the “Psycho” chapter? Let’s wait and see…

D-4 (December 19)

7 pm KST

Spoiler alert!

SMTOWN has revealed “day version” and “studio version” group photos in the official announcement of Red Velvet’s first album signing event, which will take place at Spigen Hall in Seoul on December 29 (3 pm KST).

12 pm KST

Baephrodite is back to take your breath away!

Irene is ready for four weddings and a funeral in “day version” photos, while the dreamy red sweater and jeans look in the “studio version” confirms that Joy is the Ozian Witch lying underneath the house on the album cover.

Day Ver. (1-3), Studio Ver. (4-6)

We can’t wait for the final individual teasers tomorrow!

10 am KST

Red Velvet will hold their now traditional comeback V LIVE the night before The ReVe Festival Finale is unveiled to the world.

Stay tuned for “Red Velvet’s PsychoRISTMAS Party”, everyone!

Red Velvet’s special comeback eve will be broadcast live via Naver V LIVE at 10 p.m. on December 22nd! Sweet & creepy pre-Christmas party!🎄 Meet Red Velvet’s new album, consisting of 16 songs including “Psycho”, on Dec. 23rd!💜

12 am KST

The one to outvisual all visuals, her majesty Irene is here. Red Velvet’s Bae Leader may have fished out an alarm clock in her teaser clip, but it’s ReVeluvs who she’s really got hooked!

Is she trying to quite literally catch time or perhaps go back in time? Interestingly, the clock shows 6:19, which was also the release date of The ReVe Festival Day 1 EP: June 19th.

Irene is also the bride of our dreams (or nightmares) in “night version” photos, staring into your soul and carrying a lantern – which is a recurring thing in all nighttime teaser images, except for Seulgi’s.

Have a listen to chapters 4, 5 and 6 of the tale of ReVe below and don’t forget to check the group’s Instagram feed for more interesting details on the ever-growing ReVe house.

Chapter 4: Eyes Locked, Hands Locked
Chapter 5: Ladies Night
Chapter 6: Jumpin’

With this, we only have four more pieces of the story left, i.e. those corresponding to the R.I.P. trio – “Remember Forever”, “In & Out”, and “Psycho” – and the last track on TRVF Finale: “La Rouge”.

D-5 (December 18)

12 pm KST

Seulgi is back; looking like a dark and glamorous queen in the “day version” and a bright schoolgirl in the “studio version” teaser images!

Day Ver. (1-3), Studio Ver. (4-6)

The duality is striking but not unexpected from our enchanting main dancer.

An important piece of information now revealed is that, based on her studio outfit, Seulgi’s character on the album cover is the one on the roof of the house, which means that the legs underneath the house (reminiscent of the Wicked Witch from The Wizard of Oz) belong to either Irene or Joy.

How does this change your theory?

10 pm KST

Red Velvet are the elite group that will have its comeback stages at year-end song festivals! On Christmas, the girls will perform “Psycho” for the first time during the 2019 SBS Gayo Daejeon at the iconic Gocheok Sky Dome.

In addition, we found out more about another Finale B-side song. “Remember Forever” is described as a pop ballad featuring a waltz-like rhythm and an antique piano melody, making us look back at this summer’s The ReVe Festival, “warming hearts with a promise of a night we’ll always remember”.
In other words, Track 3 is the nostalgic conclusion of this era that’s bound to make Luvies emotional.

Red Velvet will put on the first stage of their new song “Psycho” at SBS ‘Gayo Daejeon’ on December 25! Stay tuned for Red Velvet’s new album that will warm your heart with the pop ballad B-side “Remember Forever”, featuring antique piano sounds and waltz rhythms!

12 am* KST

The teasers came out early today, if you can believe it (*half an hour before midnight)! ReVeluvs everywhere were caught off guard by Seulgi‘s stunning visual in the “night” concept.

In the clip above, Red Velvet’s usually cute bear takes on the role of a chilling bride, walking in between statues barefoot and basically becoming one with the Greek gods and goddesses.
The statuesque creepy poses continue in the teaser images as well…

Meanwhile, on Instagram, the curtains on the ReVe house changed color – signaling the transition from Day 1 (red) to Day 2 (pink) tracks – and behind each one hides (besides pictures of Seulgi) a new chapter of the story, narrated by the one and only Wendy.

Chapter 7: Love Is The Way
Chapter 8: Carpool
Chapter 9: Umpah Umpah

The plot thickens!

D-6 (December 17)

12 pm KST

Wendy has made us fall in love with her all over again, with the gorgeous looks she served in “day version” and “studio version” teaser images.

Day Ver. (1-3), Studio Ver. (4-6)

Her “day” concept photos could be described as funeral chic, while the studio concept introduces the ethereal girl crush Son Seungwan who would serenade ReVeluvs with Oh, girl, come and light me up in a heartbeat.

She definitely lights up every room with those visuals!

Also, have you noticed that the “studio ver.” looks reflect those of the cartoon Red Velvet members on the album cover? Pink-haired Yeri in a flowy dress on the third floor and blonde short-haired Wendy in a white T-shirt peeking from the right window on the second floor… It seems that this album art has even more clues than we thought.

(P.S. Pay attention to the emerging picture on Red Velvet’s Instagram feed.)

Who do you expect to be revealed next?

10 am KST

Track 2 of The ReVe Festival Finale has been introduced in the media this morning. “In & Out” is a medium pop dance song with a “fresh trap groove” and an addictive hook, designed to showcase the members’ chic and sensual side. The lyrics compare the feeling of falling for someone irresistible to “tasting a sweet doughnut”.

“Psycho” Comeback D-6!
Red Velvet is presenting their chic music style through “In & Out”, one of the B-sides which compares the exciting emotions of falling for a captivating person to the process of tasting a sweet doughnut!

Dare we say, another sexy anthem by Red Velvet?

12 am KST

Today is Wendy – literally!

Red Velvet’s main vocalist is a vision in a black see-through dress, and her long blond hair took everyone by surprise.

If Wendy is a witch that leads us to our death, we would not complain!
Note that she is the only one not wearing a wedding dress in “night version” photos.

However, it’s not unusual that Wendy differs from the rest of the members when they are supposed to look uniform, since the same thing happened in previous Red Velvet eras as well (e.g. “Peek-A-Boo” red crown teasers) What kind of role might she play in what can only be described as the Red Velvet Cinematic Universe?

Have a listen to her sexy voice in chapters 10, 11 and 12 of the ReVe fairy tale.

Chapter 10: LP
Chapter 11: Parade
Chapter 12: Bing Bing

D-7 (December 16)

12 pm KST

Luvies, Yeri is back in six more teaser images! We have not only been blessed by the “day version” photos but there are also three additional “studio version” teasers.

Unexpectedly, the “day version” images are darker than the “night ver.”, as Yeri is in a black lacy dress, wearing heavier make-up, and even edited in black and white for the first one. On the other hand, “studio version” gives off soft mermaid vibes; with a dreamy pink heart filter and beautiful pearl details around Yeri’s eyes.

Day Ver. (1-3), Studio Ver. (4-6)

So, we can expect a total of nine photos as well as a teaser clip for each member, and audiobook recordings for every track on The ReVe Festival Finale. Red Velvet are giving the fans the best Christmas gift!

Which of the three teaser image concepts is your favorite for Yeri?

10 am KST

According to the official press release, Red Velvet’s upcoming title track “Psycho” is an uptempo urban pop song that combines the girls’ skilled yet humorous vocals, featuring an addictive hook and ever-changing melodies. The lyrics include a cool message of lovers who admit that they are unique but at least have each other, despite being perceived like psychos by the outside world.

Red Velvet open up an upgraded world of music with the cool & sweet title track “Psycho”! Stay tuned for Red Velvet’s new album on December 23rd, lead by the third hit song following “Zimzalabim” and “Umpah Umpah”!

Yep, sounds like a bop already!

12 am KST

The week begins with more The ReVe Festival Finale teasers! Firstly, they released album art full of details from basically every past and present Red Velvet era,…

…followed by four teasers featuring Yeri! In the clip, Red Velvet’s maknae is seen walking around on a chess board, knocking down the pieces ever so gracefully, and at the very end, we hear what seems to be Irene’s voice saying “Psycho” in a creepy whisper-like tone. Thus, it is officially confirmed that “Psycho” will in fact be the group’s title track.

And Yeri looks like the most beautiful, albeit eerie, pink-haired bride in her “night version” teaser images. So, there could be “day ver.” teaser pics released in the morning.

But, wait, there is more! If you head over to the group’s official Instagram, you can hear Wendy narrating chapters 13, 14 and 15 – each one representing the corresponding track on the album – of Red Velvet’s ReVe story. Swipe left below to listen to the English voice-over.

Chapter 13: Milkshake
Chapter 14: Sunny Side Up!
Chapter 15: Zimzalabim

What does it all mean? Let us know your theory in the comments!

D-8 (December 15)

After the dramatic announcement of their “nightmare before Christmas” comeback a couple of days ago, Red Velvet are back with the official tracklist for The ReVe Festival Finale !

The 16 songs included on the repackage album are:

  1. “Psycho”
  2. “In & Out”
  3. “Remember Forever”
  4. “Eyes Locked, Hands Locked” (TRVF D2)
  5. “Ladies Night” (TRVF D2)
  6. “Jumpin'” (TRVF D2)
  7. “Love Is The Way” (TRVF D2)
  8. “Carpool” (TRVF D2)
  9. “Umpah Umpah” (TRVF D2)
  10. “LP” (TRVF D1)
  11. “Parade” (TRVF D1)
  12. “Bing Bing” (TRVF D1)
  13. “Milkshake” (TRVF D1)
  14. “Sunny Side Up!” (TRVF D1)
  15. “Zimzalabim” (TRVF D1)
  16. “La Rouge” (Special Track).

So, ReVeluvs, that’s four new tracks (1, 2, 3 and 16) for you! Which one are you looking forward to the most?

Overall, it’s clear that the group is going with a dark concept for this album. The title track “Psycho” is bound to mark the return of Cult Velvet, right?

Also, fireworks seem to be a prevalent theme this time around, considering the text on the first teaser posters, the drawing at the top of this tracklist poster, and the fact that the new logo is designed like the fuse of a firework. For comparison, the logos for The ReVe Festival Day 1 and Day 2 were a roller coaster and a water slide, respectively.

What more do the queens of concepts have in store?

Stay tuned for daily updates.

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