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(6 PM KST)

Prepare yourselves for “something unforgettable”! Red Velvet’s final teaser for the “Umpah Umpah” music video just dropped on VLive , YouTube, Twitter, and Instagram! It features the girls heading off on a summer vacation in a red car, followed by scenes at the beach as well as from their holiday home, surfing, playing rock–paper–scissors, etc. Check it out below!

ReVeluvs, are you ready? The premiere of the official music video is only 6 hours away! Let us know your thoughts and reactions in the comments.

(12 PM KST)

Red Velvet Twitter reposted the group photos with the following caption:

#RedVelvet Comeback D-1! The music video for Red Velvet’s sparkling summer song “Umpah Umpah” will be released at midnight! Enjoy the music video with colorful and cute scenes of Red Velvet taking a summer vacation away from their frustrating and stuffy daily life, before the album release at 6 PM on August 20!

Don’t forget to keep an eye out for the MV teaser at 6 PM today on YouTube and VLive!

(12 AM KST)

Red Velvet have shared the first batch of group teaser photos on Twitter and Instagram! Yeri, Joy, Seulgi, Wendy, and Irene look like summer queens hanging out by a tree, lying around on a picnic blanket (unnie line and maknae line separately, how cute is that), and posing on a meadow.
ReVeluvs, are you okay after being attacked by Red Velvet’s gorgeous visuals just now?

Only one day left until The ReVe Festival Day 2 drops! The girls will have their first comeback stage with “Umpah Umpah” at MBC’s Music Core, on Saturday, August 24, so don’t forget to tune in at 3:30 PM KST.


(6 PM KST)

The highlight clip for Red Velvet’s new title track is finally here! Will “Umpah Umpah” become 2019’s song of the year?🤔

Sounds like another bop! Let us know what you guys think of The ReVe Festival Day 2 album’s tracks in the comments below🤗

(12 AM KST)

The final Red Velvet member has been revealed in individual teasers and it’s the charming main dancer Seulgi! Our precious bear looks amazing in a yellow dress, hanging out at a picnic and on a tree, and she’s the hottest girl crush in a pink outfit – including a shirt and long pants paired with cowboy boots – sitting on top of a pink van (climbing objects seems to be Seulgi’s concept😂).

That’s all the members for you guys! Whose individual pics are your favorite, ReVeluvs? We’re finding it impossible to decide😍


(6 PM KST)

The final audio teaser (before “UMPAH UMPAH”) has been released. Track 4 is called “Jumpin'” and it is described as “an old school emotional pop song about young people dancing happily during a hot summer day at a festival.” The clip below features Seulgi’s and Yeri’s lovely voices.

Looks like the final color for the audio teasers is red, so Irene’s pink could be reserved for the title track itself. Only three days to go, everyone!

(12 AM KST)

Make way for the goddess visual! Leader Irene is the latest Red Velvet member to be revealed in individual teasers. She looks sultry with bangs and blue contacts staring into the camera while lying on a picnic blanket, and gives off supermodel vibes in a little pink dress and boots enjoying the summer breeze in nature, surrounded by bubbles.
We fell in love with Irene all over again!😍 How about you?

ReVeluvs, how are we doing so far? Are you ready for the final audio teaser and Seulgi’s pics tomorrow?


(6 PM KST)

Is this Yeri’s song we’re hearing? The fourth audio teaser has been released on Twitter, with a purple background! Track 5 “Ladies Night” is an R&B pop song that combines “funky rhythms, colorful brass, and rich string sounds” with Red Velvet’s sweet vocals. The lyrics tell the story of a summer night get-together with friends. Take a listen below!

ReVeluvs, you can vote for what you think is Red Velvet’s best summer song on Naver. The members will announce the top 5 during the “Umpah Umpah Camping Date” VLive on August 21, 9 PM KST.

In addition, here are more details about what The ReVe Festival Day 2 album includes! (Special thanks to 5REDVELVET)

(12 PM KST)

Red Velvet will have a comeback celebration on their V LIVE channel on August 21 at 9 PM KST. This event, titled “Umpah Umpah Camping Date“, will air one day after The ReVe Festival drops, so the girls will introduce the new album, share various making-of stories, and perform “UMPAH UMPAH” live!

We will definitely be tuning in, how about you?

(12 AM KST)

Red Velvet’s Wendy is the third member to be revealed in individual teasers! She is pretty in pink, surrounded by bubbles, and a bright summer queen for the picnic concept.
Also, ReVeluvs, how amazing is this hairstyle on our dearest main vocal??


(6 PM KST)

Red Velvet Twitter has released the highlight teaser for track 6 of the new mini album: “Eyes Locked, Hands Locked”. This song is “a romantic R&B ballad about the moment two lovers are lost in each other’s eyes. Red Velvet’s mellow vocals express their delicate growing love, enhancing the romantic feeling of the song.” The clip includes some amazing harmonies and ad-libs from the talented vocalists that are Red Velvet as a whole. The teaser’s background is green, just like Joy’s signature color!

(12 AM KST)

Red Velvet’s maknae is the most recent member to be introduced in individual teasers! Yeri makes jaws drop and captures the summer vibe with her blond hair, gazing into the camera on a picnic and hanging out in the desert in a pink van, wearing a “You Can’t Touch” shirt.
God is a woman, am I right?

Yeri also posted one of the teaser pics on Instagram with the caption “The festival will continue”. In other words: get pumped for The ReVe Festival Day 2!


(6 PM KST)

Red Velvet has just dropped the second audio teaser for The ReVe Festival Day 2 on Twitter. Track 3 “Love Is The Way” is a catchy retro song perfect for the summer. The lyrics talk about the awkwardness one experiences around their crush, when your body and mind do not seem to cooperate. Have a listen below!

Fans are speculating that the colors for the audio teasers represent each member of Red Velvet, so “Carpool” would be considered Seulgi’s song (yellow), and “Love Is The Way” Wendy’s because of the blue background. By the same token, we can expect pink (Irene), green (Joy), and purple (Yeri) teasers for tracks 4–6. Stay tuned to find out if ReVeluvs were right!

(12 AM KST)

First individual teasers are out! Red Velvet’s Joy shows off her refreshing smile and dreamy expression posing with fruit on a picnic blanket. She also looks chic and stunning in pink, wearing a cowboy hat and boots in the other set of teaser images.

Who could be next?


One week before The ReVe Festival Day 2 album release (and after announcing details about the title track), Red Velvet shared their first audio teaser for track 2 – “Carpool” – on Twitter. This track is described as a “pop dance song with a soft organ sound that unfolds over an energetic drum and rhythmical bass.” Songwriter Kenzie wrote the lyrics that talk about inviting someone you met in the concrete jungle for a summer drive. You can also briefly enjoy Seulgi’s and Wendy’s powerful vocals in the clip below.

What do you think? Let us know in the comments😊

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