Red Velvet Get First Win For “Umpah Umpah”

On episode 201 of SBS MTV The Show, on August 27, the nominees for first place were EVERGLOW, Red Velvet, and Apink’s Oh Hayoung. And the winners of the week were Red Velvet with 7,980 points!

This marks the girls’ first music show win since coming back with The ReVe Festival Day 2 and its title track “Umpah Umpah”, as well as Red Velvet’s 59th music show win overall.

After the announcement, the members did their encore stage dressed in cute raincoats; Seulgi and Wendy as strawberries, Yeri as a frog, Joy as a chick, and Irene as a pink bunny. Check out the video below😊

Meanwhile, #UmpahUmpah1stWin is already trending at No. 3 worldwide on Twitter!

The girls have also shared a video on Instagram with the following caption: “Umpah Umpah won 1st place for the first time on The Show! Because of the Luvies who are always cheering us on we’re doing well ㅠ Luvies, recharge your energy by watching Umpah Umpah! We’ll repay you with great stages❤️❤️Thank you so much”.

Congratulations to Red Velvet and ReVeluvs!!

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