Red Velvet Hold Only ‘Finale’ Fansign And Give Updates On Wendy

This afternoon (December 29), Red Velvet held their first and – as confirmed by Irene – only singing event for The ReVe Festival Finale at Spigen Hall in Seoul. Only four members participated in the fansign, as Wendy is still in the hospital recovering from her injuries.

In light of recent events, many fans were eager to know whether Irene, Seulgi, Joy, and Yeri would give any updates about their sister’s current condition and the girls really came through!

The members said that Wendy is all right (all things considered) and resting at hospital, accompanied by her parents, who flew to Korea to take care of her. Due to her cheekbone fracture, she has difficulty chewing, so any food she eats has to be mashed. We also found out that after she finished her KBS Gayo Daechukje stage on Friday, Joy went back to the hospital and Seulgi, Yeri and her watched the rest of the show (hosted by Irene) together with Wendy. Doesn’t that warm your heart?

Seulgi stressed that the fans should not worry too much, because Wendy is optimistic and well taken care of and will come back healthy and strong! In the meantime, the group will promote as four and cover her parts in songs. Red Velvet is preparing for their upcoming Japan tour, which will progress as scheduled, and Wendy might join them in a few months when she is ready. Yeri asked ReVeluvs to enjoy the concerts as if Wendy was there as well.

Joy commented on the whole situation with SBS, saying that she was mad about the non-apology as well, but thankful for the fans’ reaction, as they did not let the issue die down. She later got emotional talking about her dear unnie:

This kind of incident should not happen ever again. Even though she did physically get hurt a lot, and it could be because she doesn’t want us to worry, she still tries to be bright. Seeing that honestly makes my heart hurt. When I’m with unnie, it’s not this sad but when I’m working and she’s not there, since this is officially the first time, I think about her a lot. But Wendy said this before: when you’re having a hard time, it’s okay to cry. (…) So when you are sad too, just cry and pray that she recovers quickly. We will relay your feelings to her and work hard in 2020 too.

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The members also praised ReVeluvs for being considerate today and not asking about Wendy until they themselves were ready to share some information.

At the end of the event, Joy filmed the fans shouting “Wendy-ya don’t be hurt! Wendy-ya we love you!” and said that she was going to show it to her when they go and visit her at the hospital to tell her how the fansign went. Seulgi added that she was going to upload Wendy’s reaction to the video sometime later! The girls also mentioned that they have been showing Wendy the encouraging things that ReVeluvs are saying online; they all saw the phrase “Wendy we love you” trending on Naver the other day and Wendy’s dad even took a screenshot.

We’d like to thank Red Velvet for trusting fans enough to share all this with them, and a special thanks to the ReVeluvs who relayed this information on Twitter!

Get well soon, Wendy!

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