[Red Velvet] Irene Joins Instagram

UPDATE (September 21)

ReVeluvs, Irene’s Instagram is back! Here is the first post from her official personal account @renebaebae:

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A post shared by IRENE (@renebaebae) on

And we know that Seulgi is excited, since she left the following comment:

🔥🔥 It’s unnie! Unnie

As of now, Seulgi is the only Red Velvet member who follows Irene on IG.

Welcome, our dear Baechu!😄

Original article

Today, September 18, Red Velvet’s Bae Leader has finally opened her personal Instagram account! Make sure to follow her on @renebaebae.

Irene’s first post is a cute video of her hopping around (seen below as a fan account repost), but we cannot wait until she starts blessing us with her goddess visual on the daily.

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A post shared by IRENE (@renebaebaee) on

This makes her the fourth Red Velvet member to create her own IG account, after Joy, Yeri, and Seulgi.

For the time being, Instagram has flagged Irene’s account because she gained a huge amount of followers very quickly. However, it should be restored soon, as the same thing happened with Seulgi’s account before. Be patient, ReVeluvs🤗

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It says that it’s a fan page

That’s right, as pointed out above, it was reposted by a fan account:) We will update the article once Irene’s account becomes available.

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